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online Counselling We Offer

Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling

Get connected with Best Therapists in India and receive Best Online Counselling for Self.

Individual Online Counselling

Couple Counselling

Couple Counselling

Get connected with the Best Couple Counsellors in India and receive Online Counselling for Self and your Partner.

Online Therapy for Couples

Online Psychiatric Consultation

Online Psychiatric Consultation

Get connected with an Online Psychiatrist and receive Best Online Psychiatric Consultation.

Medication Management

Area Of Expertise

People experiencing mental health difficulties typically feel uncomfortable. Either they are not in control of their thoughts, emotions and feelings, or they display certain psychological and behavioural symptoms. We at TalktoAngel take note of your concerns and work on the specific areas that is important for your well-being. With the team of Best Psychologists in India, we offer Online Counselling in above areas and help you lead your life more effectively.

Best therapists in India

Best therapists in India

TalktoAngel offers online counselling for varied mental health concerns. Consult the Best Psychologists in India, Clinical Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist, Couple Counsellors, Relationship Counsellors, Therapists, Online Psychiatrists and receive comfortable & affordable Online Therapy for your Mental Health.

Still Confused?

Still Confused?

Choose Your Online Therapy Plan

Popular Choise

The "Essential" Plan

Buy 4 Sessions
Get 1 Session Free
  • Unlimited Free Messaging
  • Unlimited Free Self Assessments

Conditions Apply


The "Standard" Plan

Buy 6 Sessions
Get 2 Sessions Free
  • Unlimited Free Messaging
  • Unlimited Free Self Assessments

Conditions Apply


The "Elite" Plan

Buy 8 Sessions
Get 3 Sessions Free
  • Unlimited Free Messaging
  • Unlimited Free Self Assessments

Conditions Apply

Kid therapy package

Kid Package | TalktoAngel | Blossom

Validity : 3 Months

  • 12 Sessions
  • Customized personal counselling.
  • 1st session with Senior Clinical Psychologist.

12 Sessions

*Conditions Apply

Kid Package | TalktoAngel | Bloom

Validity : 6 Months

  • 24 Sessions
  • Customized personal counselling.
  • 1st session with Senior Clinical Psychologist.

24 Sessions

*Conditions Apply

Kid Package | TalktoAngel | Boost

Validity : 9 Months

  • 36 Sessions
  • Customized personal counselling.
  • 1st session with Senior Clinical Psychologist.

36 Sessions

*Conditions Apply

Kid Package | TalktoAngel | Excel

Validity : 12 Months

  • 48 Sessions
  • Customized personal counselling.
  • 1st session with Senior Clinical Psychologist.

48 Sessions

*Conditions Apply

TalktoAngel's Online Therapy
Traditional in Clinic Therapy

Online Therapy

In Clinic
Phone Session
Easy Sheduling Talk to an online counsellor over phone at a scheduled time.

Easy Scheduling
Easy Sheduling Have a look at your online counsellor’s schedule and book appointment that suits your timings.

Easy Sheduling Send and receive messages from the top psychologist in India and best psychiatrist in India.

Chat Session
Easy Sheduling Instant messaging supporting real-time conversation with the therapist.

Video Session
Easy Sheduling Face-to-face live session with the best clinical psychologist at a pre-scheduled date and time.

Get Help From anywhere
Easy Sheduling All therapies are provided by best psychologists in India, relationship counsellor and best online psychiatrists

Therapy provide by a certified therapist
Easy Sheduling Talk to an online counsellor over phone at a scheduled time.

Couple counselling from different Location
Easy Sheduling Access an interactive session with a couple counsellor/marriage counsellor despite located in different places.

Option to switch therapist
Easy Sheduling If you feel unsatisfied, change your online counsellor and get matched with another online counsellor of your preference.

Group therapy from different location
Easy Sheduling Access an interactive group session from different location hosted by best psychologist in India.

Digital worksheets
Easy Sheduling Solution based digital worksheets that supports therapy process.


Media Presence

TalktoAngel's EAP

Corporates Wellness

Partner for Corporates/Campus Wellness

to Improve Productivity &

Enhance Mental Wellbeing.

Our Systematic & Dynamic approach

Every industry has unique challenges, issues and associated psycho-social risks.

We strive to support companies/institutions adapt within these industry specific constraints & challenges.

Our primary objective is to ensure psycho-social, emotional wellbeing of your entire workforce/ their families for better performance & higher return on your investment for your organization.

  • Anytime Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere, Any device, Accessibility
  • Confidentiality Confidentiality
  • EAP members EAPA membership
  • Highly trained Psychologists and Therapists Highly trained Psychologists, Coaches & Therapists
  • Resources and Support Resources & Support
  • Wellness Audit Wellness Audit

Organisation that trust us

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Benefits of
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TalktoAngel's Counselling Reviews

Talktoangel's Counselling Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

TalktoAngel is the largest online counselling platform in India providing online counselling and other allied mental health services. We alter the perspective on mental health and help people to manage life’s challenges by providing accessible, secure, confidential and affordable online counselling. With the team of certified, experienced best therapists in India , online counsellors, relationship counsellorsonline psychiatrist, you can consult a certified therapist anytime, anywhere, from any device.

With a dedicated team of the best online counsellors, relationship counsellors, online psychiatrists and best clinical psychologists in India, online counselling 

·      Solution Oriented Therapy;

·      Comfortable & Affordable;

·      Secure & Confidential;

·      Stigma Free

TalktoAngel is the best online therapy platform in India. It is right choice for you if you're looking to attain better mental health wellness. It helps in improving quality of your life if there is anything that is interfering with your happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals. Connect with the best psychologists in India, online psychiatrist or relationship counsellor to resolve issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, sleeping issues, anger, family conflict, grief and loss, low self-esteem, LGBTQ concerns, relationships problems, work-life balance, career counselling, or even chronic mental health disorders.

TalktoAngel being an online therapy platform offers the following services:

·     Free Self-Assessment/ Psychometric Test;

·     Individual Online Counselling and Online Therapy;

·     Relationship Counselling/Couple Counselling;

·     Online Psychiatric Consultation;

·     Employee Wellness Program (EAP); and

·     Campus Wellness Program

All therapists at TalktoAngel are trained, experienced, and qualified mental health professionals providing online therapy services. Online Therapists at TalktoAngel are experienced and qualified, having a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology or Counselling Psychology. They may also possess M. Phil or a Ph.D. in clinical psychology or an equivalent qualification from an accredited institution. However, an online psychiatrist has an MD or a Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine in addition to MBBS. You could expect your online counsellor/therapist at TalktoAngel to be a:

As an HIPPA compliant platform, TalktoAngel is your one-stop solution for all mental health difficulties to provide online counselling in Video/Audio/Chat mode.

·   Chat Messages: Consult the best therapist in India via chat messages through safe and secure chat platform at TalktoAngel.

·   Live Audio Session: Live audio sessions are pre-arranged with your online therapist during which you get online therapy by talking to your therapist and discussing about your problems. 

.   Live Video Session: Live video sessions are prescheduled sessions, where you can have live face-to-face video session with the online therapist of your choice.

Counselling helps people to find solutions to self-doubt, bring clarity to existing problem, attain wellbeing and growth in life. It is an effective way to identify one’s issues, gain insight and confidence to be productive and have a good quality of life. Counselling is seeking unbiased professional help from the “Best Therapists", relationship counsellors, marriage counselors, top psychologists in India and the best psychiatrist in India to overcome one’s psychological disturbances. 

The fee for an individual online therapy at TalktoAngel ranges from INR 500 to INR 4000 for a 45 minutes online session irrespective of the online counselling mode chosen (video/audio/chat). However, for couple counselling or online marriage counselling, the fee ranges from INR 650 to INR 5200. In order to make more impact and make online counselling comfortable and affordable, we have discounted offers for our users.

According to American Psychological Association, therapy is twice effective in native language. Keeping this in mind, TalktoAngel through its team of top psychologists in India, online marriage counsellors and best psychiatrist in India brings to you the best online counselling services and top online psychiatric consultation in 18+ Indian languages namely; English, Assamese, Bengali/Bangla, German, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Odia, and Maithili. 

Online Counselling is very similar to the conventional form of counselling to resolve the mental health issues with an added advantage of comfort, affordability, and ease. Online Counselling or Online Therapy is a use of guided therapies like CBT, ACT, DBT etc. by a trained psychologist having an adequate expertise for treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, etc. There are number of studies supporting the fact that the online therapies are as adequate and effective as traditional in-person counselling. The confidence in our platform is substantiated by the feedback and reviews, we frequently receive from our users.

Online counselling at TalktoAngel is available for you as long as you need it/wish to receive. This is mostly determined by your individual needs and therapeutic objectives. After few weeks, you might realise that your online therapy sessions have provided you with the benefit you were hoping for, whilst someone else might prefer to continue seeing their therapist for a longer period of time.

We take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously while delivering online counselling sessions. We have built a self-curated state-of-the-art HIPPA compliant technology, and infrastructure, with the goal to protect your privacy and information during your online therapy. Everything you tell your therapist during your online counselling session is confidential. We don't cooperate or work with any third-party companies and so nothing needs to be shared, reported, or filed with them. All the messages between you and your therapist during an online therapy session are secured and encrypted. For more information read our privacy policy.

You can begin your online counselling at TalktoAngel in three simple steps:

1.  Search Therapist:

 From our pool of 700+ certified and qualified online counsellors, therapists, online psychiatrist you may shortlist the therapist of your own choice based upon the filters provided.

 2.     Select Date &Mode of Online Counselling:

 Online therapy at TalktoAngel is offered in video/audio/chat mode. You may at your own comfortable date and time may choose the mode for your online counselling.

 3.     Start Online Therapy:

 You may begin online counselling comfortably from any device.

It is important to keep in mind few pointers before you begin online counselling. Do ensure that you have access to good internet connection in your device for seamless and un-interrupted online counselling. Also, do ensure that the place or location chosen is a private and comfortable environment which allows you to speak freely with your therapist during online therapy session. 

I’m an experienced Mental Health Professional. How can I provide online psychiatric consultation/ online counselling services at TalktoAngel?We're happy that you're interested in providing online counselling at TalktoAngel! You may submit your application here

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