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Why Choose TalktoAngel for Online Counselling & Online Therapy?

TalktoAngel is the Best Online Counselling and Online Therapy platform in India which brings and connects the best therapists, relationship counsellors and top psychologists and best psychiatrists in India with users across the globe. Online Counselling & Online Therapy at TalktoAngel is based upon its foundation pillars of providing online counselling which is:

  • Affordable & Comfortable;
  • Secure & Confidential;
  • Solution Oriented;
  • Stigma Free

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TalktoAngel’s Online Counselling & Online Therapy Services Provided For

Connect with the Best Therapists in India and receive Online Therapy for Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Couple Counselling, Anger Management, Sleep Disorder, Grief & Loss and many more. Our team of certified & experienced Top Psychologists, Best Psychiatrists, Relationship Counselors, Therapists shall help you receive Best Online Counselling.

Services We Offer

Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling

Individual Online Counselling

Get Connected with Best Therapists in India and receive Best Online Counselling for Self.

Couple Counselling

Couple Counselling

Online Therapy for Couples

Receive Relationship Counselling from the
Best Relationship Counselors, Couple Counselors in India.


Online Psychiatric Consultation

Medication Management

Tele-Consultation with Licensed and Best Psychiatrists in India.

Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Program

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Brining Wellness to your Office Desk with TalktoAngel’s EAP Program.

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  • Unlimited Free Messaging
  • Unlimited Free Self Assessments




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Get 2 Sessions Free

  • Unlimited Free Messaging
  • Unlimited Free Self Assessments



Buy 8 Sessions
Get 3 Sessions Free

  • Unlimited Free Messaging
  • Unlimited Free Self Assessments

How Online Therapy Works?

Connect with the Best Therapists in India in just simple 3-step process.

select mode of therapy


Select Mode of Online Therapy

Video/Audio/Chat- Avail Online Therapy as per your comfort.

start therapy


Start Online Therapy

Start Online Therapy. Get Comfortable Online Therapy at anytime, from any device.

Who Needs Counselling?

It’s ok, to not feel ok! It definitely takes courage to speak out, and this courage might be needed and required for any individual, irrespective of the age, gender, profession, culture etc. Counselling helps oneself to find solutions to inner questions and attain growth in life. Counselling could help someone who is struggling to gain confidence for Self-Improvement, hoping to nurture their relationship, trying to strike work-life balance, struggling to parent their adolescent, trying to find some sound sleep, and many more.

Adding to the positive benefits of counselling, counselling helps one reach to the “Best” professionals, therapists, top psychologists, relationship counselors, marriage counselors, best psychiatrists and receive professional unbiased consultation.

How Online Counselling & Online Therapy helps?

"Counselling" or "Therapy" acts as a mode of expressing your emotions, thoughts, feelings and seeking guidance from trained experts for attaining better mental health wellness. Online Counselling similar to the conventional form of counselling helps resolves the issues faced by an individual with an added advantage of comfort, affordability and ease. Online Counselling platforms connect the best therapists with an user irrespective of being distance apart. An user could benefit and receive expert counselling from the best counsellors, life coaches, relationship counselors, top psychologists, best psychiatrists. Reputed and trusted online counselling platforms offer counselling services which are confidential, affordable and comfortable, providing the best psychologists and top psychiatrists under one roof for various issues of work-life balance, relationships, stress, depression, anxiety, confidence building and many more.

What services are being offered by TalktoAngel?

TalktoAngel provides the best online counselling and online therapy services in India. Online counselling & online therapy services are as follows:

  1. Self-Introspective – Self Assessment Tests
  2. Individual Online Counselling and Online Therapy
  3. Relationship Counselling/Couple Counselling
  4. Online Psychiatric Consultation
  5. Employee Wellness Program (EAP)
  6. Campus Wellness Program

With an aim of providing affordable services, online counselling services are available from INR 500 to INR 4000 in video/audio/chat mode respectively. While delivering services to users pan-India, psychologist consultation and psychiatric consultation at TalktoAngel is available in 18+ Indian languages.

How can I consult the Best Online Psychologists in India?

TalktoAngel offers one the basket of top psychologists, best therapists in India who offer the best psychologist consultation in India for various areas of concern. Receive the best online counselling and online therapy consultation, connect and talk to a therapist now. TalktoAngel provides online counselling and online therapy through its HIPPA compliant mode in Video/Voice/Chat mode to users pan-India and across the globe. TalktoAngel can be your one-stop solution to receive best psychological consultation and connect with the best online psychologists in India and book an online session at affordable prices.

Gift Of Care

Gift your Loved Ones, the "Gift of Care".
While even being miles apart, shower your care and wish for the 'Wellness of your Loved One'.
Gift your loved ones TalktoAngel's Online Counselling Session.

TalktoAngel’s Commitments towards Best Online Counselling & Online Therapy Services

100% Secure & confidential

100% Secure & Confidential

TalktoAngel offers online counselling & online therapy services through its self-curated HIPPA compliant platform, ensuring 100% confidentiality and privacy between the user and therapist.

Qualified & Certified Therapist

Qualified & Certified Therapist

With an aim to provide ‘Best Online Counselling in India’ TalktoAngel provides online counselling and online therapy from the Best Therapists in India, Top Psychologists, Couple Counsellors, Relationship Counselors, Best Psychiatrists.

Scientific Behavioural Assessment

Scientific Behavioural Assessment

Our experts focus on scientific assessment of behaviour, cognitive, emotive and other processes to offer customized delivery to resolve issues.

Anywhere, Anytime,Any device

Anywhere, Anytime, Any device

Avoid travel, waiting time – access our certified experts for consultation using your computer, tablet or mobile from any location convenient to you.

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What is TalktoAngel?

TalktoAngel is the Best Online Counselling & Online Therapy Platform in India providing affordable, secure and confidential online counselling & other allied online services through video, audio and chat through its self-curated HIPPA complaint platform. Working with a team of 700+ best therapists, top psychologists in India, marriage counsellors, relationship counsellors , couple counselors, online counsellors, clinical psychologists in India, best psychiatrists.

TalktoAngel also offers “self-help” Self-Assessment Exercises encouraging users to indulge into introspective Q&A tasks. Our online presence could be felt in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahemdabad, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Nagpur, Patna, Bhopal, Indore, Chandigarh and many more. With online counselling services accessible pan-India, one could connect with the “Best Psychologist Near Me” or “Best Psychiatrist Near Me” at ease. Be it any corner of the country or world, our online mental health services are accessible “At Any Time, through Any Device” at your comfort.

TalktoAngel’s online counselling allows people to avail online therapy services as per their own comfort. Best Online Psychologist Consultation in India. Best Online Psychiatric Consultation in India. Attain Mental Wellness with TalktoAngel today- Talk to Someone, TalktoAngel.