TalktoAngel is ISO 27001 accredited company.

ISO 9001 defines criteria that helps an organization fulfilling the standards and expectations of its customers. ISO 9001 Certification provides enhancement of the customer satisfaction, delight and help in increasing the business with continues improvement in performance.

TalktoAngel is a Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPPA) Compliant professional organization maintain transparency, sensitive data protection dealing protected health information has physical, network & process security majors and follow them to measure HIPPA compliance.

ISO 27001 is an International Standard which is a specification of Information Security Management System, commonly abbreviated as ISMS. In simple words, It means that this standard is a management framework to protect business critical information.


EAPA (U.S.A) Member


TalktoAngel is a member of The Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) is the arena’s largest, oldest, and most reputable membership company for employee help professionals globally. With individuals in over 40 countries globally, EAPA is the sector’s maximum relied-upon supply of records and guides for and approximately the employee assistance profession. EAPA’s undertaking is to sell the highest standards of EA exercise and the persevering improvement of worker-help professionals, programs, and services.

CEAP stands for Certified Employee Assistance Professional. Certification depends upon meeting all necessities and adherence to the CEAP Code of Conduct, and timely payment of all certification fees. (EAPA) sponsors the CEAP certification program. Information regarding the EACC and its relationship to EAPA is positioned in the EAPA Bylaws. The EAPA Bylaws can be found under “About EAPA” on the EAPA website.


Global Mental Health & Happiness Advocacy Network

TalktoAngel is a promoting Organization along with Global Developmental Foundation, a Registered not for profit Organization established in 2008.

Global Mental Health & Happiness Advocacy Network

Wellness Coach/Counselor/ Dietitian & Fitness Expert

Our EAP Programs engages wellness coach, counselor, yoga expert, food & nutrition expert, aerobic & fitness consultants

In prioritizing the well-being of your employees, Our Wellness Coaches, Counselors, Yoga Experts, Food & Nutrition Counselors, and Aerobic & Fitness Trainers are committed to cultivating the holistic health of your workforce.

Our Wellness Coaches serve as adept lifestyle guides, steering individuals toward vitality & happiness. The mental health & emotional support provided by our dedicated Counselors stand ready as trusted allies, offering Online Counseling support for life's complexities.

Our Yoga Experts, masters of serenity and strength, are committed to ensuring employees discover equilibrium in both mind and body.

Our Food & Nutrition Counselors meticulously tailor plans, making the journey toward healthier eating both accessible and compelling, For those inclined toward nutritional transformation.

Our Aerobic & Fitness Trainers craft personalized fitness routines designed to meet the unique needs of each individual.

TalktoAngel, strive to prioritize the well-being of your employees, establishing a workplace environment where health becomes intrinsic to productivity and overall satisfaction. Join us on the journey to creating a professional haven where your team not only survives but thrives. Embark on the path to a healthier, happier, and more energized workforce.

Resources for HR Leaders

Resources for HR Leaders

Our Exclusive resources for HR Leaders, including E-Books, Blogs, Creative templates, Webinar Videos, can help them stay updated on current trends.

  • E-books comprise in-depth information, insight and practical advice/ tips on various HR/ Wellness topics.
  • Blogs provide timely insights and perspectives from HR Leaders and practitioners.
  • Webinar & Creative Templates are meant to have insightful communication, latest knowledge & tips for managing wellness & HR challenges.
  • Videos & Podcasts are meant to provide learning and development of HR concepts and strategies.

Organisation that trust us

Organisations That Trust Us

Employees Wellness leads to
Successful Organization

TalktoAngel is a conjunction of human counselling and use of Artificial intelligence
& evidence-based intervention strategies impacting employee’s motivation, moral,
retention, satisfaction & productivity.