ADHD stands for Attention Deficiency and Hyperactivity disorder. It is medical condition that makes it difficult for a person to sit still, pay attention and control impulsive behaviors (inability to self-control). More than 50 million people around the world suffer from ADHD, a mental disorder that affects children and teens and can persist into adulthood. People with ADHD tend to have low self-esteem, problems paying attention and are hyperactive. ADHD can result in poor school performance, difficulty at work or troubled relationships

Signs and Symptoms of ADHD

Signs of inattention-

  • Difficulty in sustaining attention (short attention span)
  • Forgetful in daily activities
  • Difficulty in listening to others

  • Trouble organizing tasks and activities

  • Seem to not listen when spoken to directly

  • Difficulty attending to details

  • Avoid or dislike tasks that require sustained mental effort


Signs of hyperactivity and impulsivity-

  • Fidgets with hands or squirms while seated

  • Talks excessively

  • Shows difficulty engaging in quiet activities

  • Often interrupts others

  • Being constantly in motion or “on the go,” or acting as if “driven by a motor”

  • Often loses or forgets things

  • Difficulty in staying at one place or be seated for long time

Types of ADHD

 Combined type

This is the most common type of ADHD, as it includes both hyperactive and impulsive type as well as inattention and distractibility type.


 Impulsive and hyperactive type

It is the least common type of ADHD it includes impulsive and hyperactive behaviors without inattention and distractibility.


Inattentive and distractibility type

This is also, less common type and characterized by inattention and distractibility without hyperactivity

Myths and facts

Myth- There is no such medical problem as ADHD.

Fact- ADHD is a mental illness and not a child’s will to behave in such a manner.

Myth- This is caused by bad parenting; all a child is a good discipline and guidance.

Fact- ADHD is neurological problem and not caused by bad parenting, but with good parenting strategies can help a child with ADHD improve some symptoms of it.

Myth- This type of mental disorder is a life sentence.

Fact- ADHD usually continues in adulthood but if given early interventions, an individual can learn to cope up with their symptoms and try to manage it. However, these people are very creative, filled with lots of energy and can accomplish more as compared to normal individual.

Issues and challenges

Major challenges that come with ADHD child is their behavioral problems because they don’t co-ordinate with their teachers and parents and often become aggressive and defiant if given a task they don’t like or if they find it challenging. They often have emotional outbursts and show tantrums over it. All of these are further linked to other mental health problems like anxiety, depression, self-injury, substance abuse etc.  Approximately 11% of children ages 4-17 in the U.S. were diagnosed with ADHD by 2011. Approximately 4% of US population is having ADHD Diagnosis, in India there is need to do studies for diagnosis.

When ADHD is not diagnosed and treated it can lead into lot issues like low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, oppositional behavior, school failure, risk-taking behavior, or family conflict.

Often many children with ADHD have other disorders, such as behavior or conduct problems, learning disorders, anxiety and depression.

Research shows that ADHD Children and adolescents  are likely to get hurt more often and more severely than peers without ADHD. ADHD in Adult can lead to unstable relationships, poor work performance, low self-confidence, poor decision making, and other problems.

Role of counseling & Therapy in overcoming ADHD

Through focusing on three areas of concern including conflict resolution, motivation and self-efficacy, and self-esteem, Professional counselors can play a central role in helping children with ADHD successfully manage this disorder. Other benefits of counseling/therapy in ADHDadhd are focus on social skills, schoolwork, homework, listen and pay attention better, get along better with others, have fewer behavior problems.

How does TalktoAngel Help you in overcoming your ADHD?

TalktoAngel is an online platform that provides quality therapy and other mental health services online. We have qualified and experienced professionals working with us. ADHD is one of our areas of expertise. We have experts and specialists who have successfully worked previously on various cases of ADHD. Studies have proven that online mental health services are as effective as the conventional mode. Furthermore, at TalktoAngel, we put your needs first. We can help you with flexible appointments with counselors/therapist, personalized and customized intervention plans all at the tip of your fingers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Yes, ADHD is a mental disorder .
  • Yes, medication is effective in the treatment for ADHD, you can consult with one of our professionals. Moreover, medication is only effective in the long term if coupled with effective psychotherapy. Both working together can help a child learn fast and effectively. Medication without prescription is illegal and can be harmful, for medication please consult specialist.
  • Yes. Research shows that ADHD is genetic. Children having ADHD one of their close family members having ADHD. The imaging studies of children with ADHD is lower in the areas of the brain that control attention, social judgment, and movement.
  • Yes, some are mild symptom, other moderate, or severe symptoms.
  • Yes, Girls are more likely to have ADHD with hyperactivity. Girls are more likely to demonstrate inattentive symptoms, though it’s worth noting that all three subtypes do exist in women and in boy.

Does your child have any of these symptoms? If yes, consulting an ADHD therapist today and seek online therapy for ADHD from the best therapists in India.


ADHD Test for adults

ADHD Test for adults

Is your Child Inattentive and Hyperactive?

Is your Child Inattentive and Hyperactive?


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