Anger is a human emotion, which at times is used interchangeably with aggression or violence. While anger is an emotion/feeing, aggression is a behavior and violence is a physical outburst, with the intent to hurt somebody and destroy a property. If not controlled or managed well, it could adversely affect relationships, career and even physical and mental health.

Signs and Symptoms of Anger

  • Persistent negative thinking
  • Losing temper quickly and inability to calm it
  • Criticizing and belittling everyone and everything
  • Frequent arguments with others
  • Explosive outbursts and damaging property as a response to an argument
  • Low tolerance to opposing opinions
  • Physically abusing others
  • Headache and increased blood pressure
  • Becoming enraged over trivial things
  • Racing thoughts
  • Uncontrollable irritability

Types of Anger

Passive Aggression

Passive aggression includes silent treatment, i.e. becoming silent when you are angry or you procrastinate and pretend that everything is fine. This is not a healthy type of anger and it keeps on building up in an individual which can hurt a particular person in various ways. 

Open Aggression

Open aggression includes destruction of oneself and property around us, because one often lashes out in anger or rage, becoming physically or verbally aggressive and might hurt physically or emotionally.

Assertive Aggression

This type of aggression is the healthy way which includes dealing in a controlled and composed way. In this a person listens to other person and is in favor of an open conversation where both the parties are vocal about their problem in a calm and confident manner and find a solution mutually. This also helps in growth of a relationship.

How do you know you need counseling/Therapy?

One can find out if the need counseling or therapy by checking the following points:


  • You feel angry often.
  • You feel that your anger seems out of control.
  • Your anger is impacting your relationships.
  • Your anger is hurting others.
  • Your anger causes you to say or do things you regret.
  • You're verbally or physically abusive

Role of Counseling & Therapy in overcoming Anger

Therapists who specialize in anger management can help an individual to deal with it effectively. These professionals are skilled in addressing these issues. They can help one in getting rid of the short term outbursts by learning some strategies, cognitive restructuring, problem solving and another various techniques. The client can work along with the therapist to set short term and long term goals to deal with anger.

How can TalktoAngel help manage your Anger? 

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Anger management is one of the areas of expertise at TalktoAngel. We have online therapists who have successfully worked previously on cases of anger issues and effectively provided anger management counselling online. Various studies have proven that online counselling is as effective as the conventional mode and more comfortable. Furthermore, at TalktoAngel, we put your needs first and believe in providing confidential, secure, solution oriented online counselling and therapy services. We can help you with flexible appointments, personalized and customized intervention plans all at the tip of your fingers and speak to the best therapists and receive comfortable anger management counselling online. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Quick and easy tip for anger control is- Take Deep Breaths, or by doing some breathing exercises daily. Whenever you are angry you should count till 10 and then think about the issues. Even after this if you cannot deal with your anger issues you should speak to a therapist so that under his/her guidance you can work effectively and that will lead you to a long term benefits.
  • Anger isn’t itself considered a mental disorder, but it is a symptom of many mental health issues.
  • Anger issues are linked with many issues such as stress, family problems, lack of patience, relationship issues etc. Issues from other aspects of life could overlap and cause anger to a person. One of the other major cause behind anger is linked to alcoholism and substance use, from which an individual deals with major anger issues and is unable to resolve them even when they stop using a substance.
  • Online Counselling at TalktoAngel is secure, confidential and solution oriented. Our pool of best counsellors possess the expertise to provide online counselling which is practical and solution oriented to tackle and manage anger bursts.

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Adults - Unable to control anger?

Adults - Unable to control anger?

Are you angry young man?

Are you angry young man?

Indian Women - Frustrated with anger?

Indian Women - Frustrated with anger?


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