Bullying is an act of aggression verbal or physical in which the other person harms the person involved. The act is repetitive in nature and it humiliating and harming for the other person. Bullying happens on people who are having a lesser power than the one who bullies. It can be done by verbal attack as well as physical attack. Now a day it is done online also. People take the help of bully because with this they can get what they want and it will also make them socially dominant. 


Signs and Symptoms of Bullying

Emotional signs

  1. · Sleeping issues
  1. ·  Eating issues

·         Aggressiveness

·         Mood swings

·         Pretending to be ill

·         Withdrawn from society

·         Don’t want to talk about what’s wrong

·         Start to target their siblings

·         May start to steal

Physical signs

·         Coming home hungry

·         Missing some belongings or clothes

·         There are some cuts, bruises or scratches on body

Other signs

·         They might make them alone and avoid social gatherings

·         They may be a frequent target of fun etc

·         There may be a lack of confidence in them


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