Career Counselling

Career Counselling
Career counselling is a specialised counselling process to help individual in finding the right career pathway. Career counselling aims to provide guidance on vocations, courses, institutions and draw a career map by identifying and matching potential. Aptitude, skill set, personality, interest, attitude, and motivation level are identified with the help of scientific career assessment tools. Career counsellor helps in lowering career anxiety, overcoming frustration of choosing a suitable career and recognising one’s capabilities to make informed choices. Career counsellors are professionally trained to provide career information resources, and carry out scientific career assessment, personality and interest assessment tests, and interpret and discuss career development while helping clients to make logical decisions.

Importance of Career Counselling

Choosing a right college/institution, right course, suitable career path and making right career decisions always poses a big challenge. Psychologists or certified and experienced counsellors are trained to help you in understanding your interest, attitude, passion, strength, and weakness, with an objective to guide you to the right path in achieving your full potential. Choosing a career option and career pathways is a dynamic process. Careers which were attractive in 90s are no longer so lucrative. Career counselling makes you aware about thousands of new career options. It is intended to match your insight with different careers options and recommend the best option to you. Career counselling also provides a venue to voice your opinion, cuss and discuss concerns, doubts, hesitations, and worries about your career path which are often not discussed with primary care provider. Thus, career counselling is extremely important in making right choice at any stage of your career with an affirmation for your career plan.

Career Counselling at Different Stages of Life

Career counsellors can assist you in all phases of your career path. Vocational Guidance or Counselling services like mentoring and coaching, are available to people in early stages of their careers as well as in later stages where adults are thinking about career transition or re-starting their career after a break. Hence, career counselling becomes essential at all different stages of life, whether you are in school, college, a job seeker, or an adult. Career counselling can assist you in resolving internal conflicts, eliminating doubts, and finding the right career direction in your life.

Career counsellors as a qualified professional understands the difficulties of navigating through a satisfying and rewarding career and help their client in understanding their thoughts and feelings about work and education and ways to resolve them.

How do you know you need Career Counselling?

People's work lives are being challenged by the fast-paced, ever-changing world. As career progression has become more customised, attributes of a person's life has a more direct and intensified impact on their work life. Career counselling can help individuals who requires confidential support and guidance in selecting streams of their study as well as potential career movements, developments, and career changes. It helps people to talk about their interest level and attributes, and explore and choose the right career course in their life. 

How Career Counselling can help you?

Depending on what you hope to gain from career counselling, the counsellor may address a variety of issues and topics. The following are some common issues and topics discussed in career counselling sessions:

  • Identifying and channelising negative thoughts and behaviours about one’s career;
  • Identifying suitable career path and career opportunities;
  • Assess personal and professional issues that may be affecting your career decisions;
  • Identifying and addressing issues that are impeding your career progression;
  • Learning about one’s capabilities, area of interest, determine career goals
  • Learning ways to capitalise on your abilities, characteristics, and experiences.
  • Help in identifying the right job that suits your personality and personal traits.
  • Recognizing the significance and impact of your career in your life.
  • Making a list of achievable goals and a plan of action.

How TalktoAngel can help you manage your career difficulties?

Choosing a career is one of the most crucial decisions a person can make in their life. The choices they make has far-reaching consequences on one's style of living, social and economic standing, as well as one's emotional well-being and life happiness. TalktoAngel's Online Career Counselling is intended to recognise 'individuality' and understand one’s aptitude and skill, and become capable to make a sound career decision. Qualified online career counsellor at TalktoAngel works with the aim to establish a firm base for self-belief, smart career choices and informed decisions about one’s professional life. Career Counselling at TalktoAngel is appropriate for people of all ages. It focuses on bringing mental clarity, resolving career confusions, address uncertainty in career development, make knowledgeable career decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A career counsellor helps students and individuals to make the best of their professional career and work life decisions. They work with clients during specific career transitions: from high school to post-secondary education, from college to professional life and also during periods of unemployment or re-entry into the workforce. With counselling techniques and career assessments, they help to have better career discovery and support to make informed choices about their careers.
  • Career counsellors list down career opportunities based on the student's aptitude and personality. It is often seen people can become enchanted by the flamboyance or popular myths associated with a particular career. They may be determined to undertake that career based on their perception about it. The goal of effective career counselling is to emphasise on student's skills, abilities, and potential. Career counselling help people become aware of various career paths and work with them around their fields of interest and aspirations.
  • After detailed career assessment, career counsellor can inform you on: areas of interest and personality traits; suitable career choices and opportunities; individual career strategy; ways to avoid obstacles in your career progression; ways to construct short and long-term education and career planning.
  • Career assessment or Psychometrics is the process of evaluating an individual attributes such as skills, competencies, expertise, interests, motivations, values, and personality traits in order to assist them in finding a suitable career. It is a test to assess an individual's ability to perform in particular career. Career assessments have positive impact on people's careers and are commonly used by school, college, career counsellors, career coaches, and vocational counsellors to have a in-depth understanding of individual’s strength and weakness. These assessments helps in analysing different career opportunities and make right career choices.
  • Online career counselling can help in improving access to career information services, and support for a wide variety of common people, including those who live in remote areas, people with physical disabilities or someone who do not have access to career counselling services in their area. If you need to build on your strengths, improve your weakness, understand career opportunities, personality traits and interest level, connect with the best career counsellor in India with TalktoAngel. Career counselling at TalktoAngel is convenient and can be assessed in three modes: Audio, Video or Chat.
  • Getting admission in Dream College depends on numerous factors. Career planning and college admissions are crucial factors in career journey. You need to focus on your profiles, LORs, SOPs, essay writing and also finalize the career, course, and country and career counsellor helps on building your profiles.
  • Career Guidance & Counselling is suitable for student of any age, but particularly those who are about to leave secondary school (14+).

Are you confused, worried or anxious about your career? You can consult with the best career counsellors at TalktoAngel.


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