Depression is not just feeling blue on some days – it’s a complex mental health condition that causes a persistent feeling of sadness for over a week or two week or more than that and loss of interest or pleasure in activities. Depression affects over 350 million people worldwide. Untreated or undertreated, depression can cause significant impairment in your daily life.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

  • Anxiety and general discontent
  • Loss of interest
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia or excess sleepiness
  • Excessive hunger or loss of appetite
  • Social isolation
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Hopelessness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Suicidal thoughts

Types of Depressive Disorders

Major depression

· If a person experiences depressed mood most of the time everydayduring whole week

·; If symptoms are there for two weeks or longer or sometimes can even last month, then person is suffering from major depression.

Persistent Depressive Disorder

· If person experienced depression for at least 2years or more than that

· This term is used to describe two conditions previously known as dysthymia- low-grade persistent depression and long term major depression

Bipolar Disorder

· This is characterised by extreme mood swings with high energy/elevated mood to ‘low’ depressive mood.

· When you're in the low phase, you'll have the symptoms of major depression.

Seasonal affective disorder

This is a kind of major depressive disorder that most happen during the winter season. It is said that due to less sunlight, energy goes down. It normally goes away in the spring and summer.

Psychotic depression

Symptoms of major depression along with psychotic symptoms such as

· hallucination (seeing and or hearing things that aren’t there)

· Delusions ( False belief as a person is Engel or a great leader etc.)

· Paranoia (suspiciousness like believing that their near dear one are conspiring)

Postpartum Depression

Sometimes women after childbirth experience major depression it falls under this criteria. It can last for weeks or months.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Women with this disorder experience depression and other symptoms at the start of their menstrual period.

‘Situational’ Depression

It is not a psychiatric term. But sometimes a person can have trouble managing stressful life event, such as the death of a partner and loved one, losing a job, divorce etc. It is also called as “stress response syndrome”.

Myths And Facts about Depression

Myth: To Beat Depression one should occupy themselves in work.

Fact: Nearly 10 in 60 people, at some point in their lives experience depression or depressive mood. There is abundance of half-truths about this common illness. In the general population, there is an idea that if you want to come out of depression you should throw yourself into work and you will feel better. It might work for mild cases of a gloomy mood, but depression is different than this. Overwork actually can be a sign of clinical depression, especially in men.

Myth: It's Not a Real Illness

For many, depression is not a serious medical condition and it is still confused with ordinary blues or mood of distress. Evidences that come from study of genetics, hormones, nerve cell receptors and brain functioning reveals the fact that it is some extent biological in nature.

Myth: Only introvert, mentally weak and adults get depression

Fact: Anyone Can Get Depression

Anyone from any background, rich or poor, poet to statesman can develop depression. Women are twice prone to depression than men, but at the same time women are more likely to seek help than men. Though it's often first noticed in the late teens or 20s, an episode can develop at any age. Sometimes tough personal experiences can trigger depression in people who are already at risk, sometimes it appears all of a sudden 

Myth: There is no relation between anxiety and depression.

Fact: Many people who suffer from anxiety also suffer from depression, in fact many times anxiety leads to depression

Myth: Treatment of depression means drugs for lifetime

FactMedication is one of the tools used to treat depression. You went for the treatment doesn't necessarily mean your doctor will advise medications, despite the fact that medicines are very helpful for some specific forms of depression. Studies suggest that  psychotherapy along with medication works better . Even antidepressants, it probably won’t be for life. With the Doctor’s advice, you can stop it.

Myth: Depressed People Cry a Lot

Not always. Some people even don't cry or act terribly sad when they get depressed. Many times they are emotionally "blank". They mix, talk with people normally but inward they feel worthless or useless. Even without any dramatic symptoms, untreated depression obstructs people from living life to its fullest.  It all takes a toll on families.

How do you know you need counselling/Therapy?

One can find out if the need counselling or therapy by checking the following points:



-You are experiencing sad mood over a long period of time and nothing is making you feel happy like used to do before.

-You want to spend most of your time alone and other people’s presence is making you irritated unlike premorbid Youpersonality. You want to bring a change, but you’re unable to do so on your own, you might want to seek counseling.

-You’re experiencing disturbances which impact your day-to-day life like work, social engagement etc.

-You’re experiencing disturbances which impact your overall wellbeing.

-You’re experiencing emotions on the extremes. For exampleexample, you’re either too happy or too angry.

-You have a difficult time in understanding your emotions or in making sense of what is going on around you.

-Feeling disconnected from yourself and your loved ones.

Role of counselling & Therapy in overcoming depression

There are various types of psychotherapies for treating depression and other mood disorders. It can help client to understand possible underlying reasons for depressive feelings and learn new skills to cope effectively with them.

Depending upon the severity of the symptoms, client’s own personal preferences, and their therapy goals one can find out which types of therapy will be the best work for them. The therapeutic models like Cognitive behaviour therapy, behaviour modification, dialectical behaviour therapy, and interpersonal therapy are the most commonly use for Depression. Evidences showed their benefits in treatment of depression.

How does TalktoAngel Help you in overcoming your depression?

TalktoAngel is an online platform that provides quality therapy and other mental health services online. We have qualified and experienced professionals working with us. Depression is one of our areas of expertise. We have experts and specialists who have successfully worked previously on cases of depression. Studies have proven that online mental health services are as effective as the conventional mode. Furthermore, at TalktoAngel, we put your needs first. Our depression counsellor/therapist help you with flexible appointments, personalized and customized intervention plans all at the tip of your fingers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • If find symptoms of depression, you must consult Psychiatrist and clinical psychologist. There are some psychometric tools on the basis of which they can assess you. Your psychiatrist will prescribe you medicine and along with medication psychotherapy will help you in adjustment problems and work on thought process to lead life normally.
  • Yes, depression is a mental illness.
  • Depression can be caused to due to a number of reasons. Heredity is one major factor, if you have family history of depression, it’s likely that you might develop the same. There is also role of neurotransmitters. Studies suggest that stressful life events like break-up, bereavement are some precipitating factors can lead to depression with weak coping mechanism
  • You cannot take medication for depression by your own without the consultation of a psychiatrist. It is unprofessional and ethically wrong for us to disclose any medication in this manner. You can consult with one of our professionals. Moreover, medication is only effective in the long term if coupled with effective psychotherapy.

If you are feeling depressed, it’s really important to get the right support and treatment. Talking to a depression therapist can be a great starting point on your journey towards a better you.


Adults - Are you sad?

Adults - Are you sad?

Indian Women - Depressed?

Indian Women - Depressed?

Post - Partum Depression scale

Post - Partum Depression scale

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Youth - Feeling low?


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