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TalktoAngel brings to you the best therapist in India, marriage counsellors, life coaches, counselors for students etc. under the domain of one single online counselling platform. Book therapist online and receive affordable online depression counselling, online kids counselling, career counselling online, stress counselling online and many more.

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Receive online therapy at the best online therapy platform in India which hosts the best counsellors, best therapist in India and top psychologists in india who have expertise in various areas to provide comfortable and solution oriented online counselling.

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Ditch the physical waiting queue, and receive online psychiatric consultation from the best psychiatrist in India.

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Seek guidance from expert relationship counsellors, and help better your love and marriage bonds with your partner with comfortable online relationship counselling and marriage counselling.

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Help your teen deal with their concerns, inhibitions on emotional and mental front with affordable and comfortable online counselling. Connect with the best therapist in India for your young minds.

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Child counselling might help your child overcome emotional, cognitive, academic and behavioural challenges. Consult with the best child psychologist now and seek online counselling for your child.

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Best Elder Care Counsellor can offer senior citizens and their care-providers the necessary support and assistance to manage their emotions, overcome fear and find reliable mental health support through online counselling.

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Online therapy at TalktoAngel is available in 18 Indian languages. A team of the best therapists in India provide online sessions. For international clients, English could be a preferable mode of communication.
Therapists are professionals who are trained experts to provide treatment and rehabilitation services. Therapists could be classified into many categories and services, such as child therapists, occupational therapists, yoga therapists, art therapists, and psychotherapists. The terminology could also be interchangeably used for counsellors, life coaches, etc.

A therapist addressing concerns for mental health wellness is also known as a psychotherapist or an online counselor. If someone is facing concerns to deal with depression, anxiety, work stress, and low self-confidence, one must speak to a therapist and seek professional guidance. In the current tech-savvy world, one could connect with the best therapists in India for online counselling sessions and receive comfortable, affordable, and confidential online therapy.

TalktoAngel offers you its online platform with the best psychologists in India, couple counsellors, and life coaches. Apart from offering online counselling and therapy, TalktoAngel through its pool of the best therapists in India connects you with the best psychologists in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and many more. TalktoAngel provides for best online therapy and counselling services for couple counselling, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stress, and work-life balance. 

Your search for finding the best "psychologist near me" ends at TalktoAngel with its team of relationship counsellors, top psychologists in India, and online counsellors. 

Psychology is the study of behavior, mental health processes, and experiences. Using scientific principles, psychology includes a broad understanding of mental processes, experiences, memory, attention, and personality. It also aims to study sensory systems, social dynamics, and neurological processes.

Find the best psychologist in India, the best counsellor in India at TalktoAngel, and avail the best online counselling from qualified and trained online counsellors, top psychologists in India, and couple counsellors

Psychologists are trained mental health professionals who have the knowledge to diagnose mental illnesses and help people to learn healthier ways to manage mental health challenges. Psychotherapists & online counsellors assist people having issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, anger, trauma, low self-confidence, personality disorders, etc.

Seek professional support from the top psychologists in India at TalktoAngel, an online counselling platform. Avail the services of the best psychologist in India, online counsellor, and best psychiatrist in India, at an affordable price at your comfort and convenience. Connect with the best psychologists in India for online counselling in three different modes: video, audio and chat. 

Both psychologists and clinical psychologists are trained mental health professionals, who provide online counselling and in-person sessions for mental health challenges. However, clinical psychologists are specialists in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients having psychological disorders. And a psychologist is trained to provide support, guidance, counselling for general psychological challenges like low confidence, or learning and development in different domains like school/college, and workplace for better well-being. 

If you are looking for a Psychologist Near Me’ or searching for a ‘Clinical Psychologist near Me,’ you can reach out to the best online counselling platform - TalktoAngel. TalktoAngel connects you with qualified, certified, experienced best clinical psychologists in India and top psychologists in India at affordable prices. 

A clinical psychologist through in-person or online counselling sessions helps patients who are suffering from a variety of mental health issues. They aim to improve psychological well-being. Some common areas where a clinical psychologist can assist, are:

  • Severe Depression and Anxiety
  • Personality disorders
  • Dysfunctional behavior
  • Trauma
  • Relationship Issues
  • Alcohol and/or Drug Addiction
  • Sleep
  • Psychotic disorders (Schizophrenia, Paranoia, Bipolar Disorder)
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders (ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Learning Disability)
  • Cognitive Impairments, Dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson 

Find the best clinical psychologist in India at TalktoAngel. You can identify your mental health issues at TalktoAngel by taking free self-assessments and consulting with a clinical psychologist in India. TalktoAngel through its online counselling platform connects you with the best clinical psychologist in India who offer confidential and affordable online counselling services to users pan India and around the globe. The clinical psychologists impaneled at TalktoAngel are experienced, and well-trained to provide the best online therapy for your concerns. 

Counselling psychologists are psychologists who assist their clients in understanding and solving problems related to emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and social health. Counselling psychologists focus on common life difficulties as well as more significant concerns that may develop from relationships, professional life, academics, or any traumatic life event.

Clinical psychologists, on the other hand, are mental health specialists who use their knowledge of psychopathology and psychological theory to assess and diagnose patients, develop treatment plans, and implement those programs as needed. They are experts in dealing with severe mental and psychological disorders.

If you are looking for the best Clinical Psychologist in India or trying to search for a “psychologist near me” you could connect with them through TalktoAngel. TalktoAngel provides you with qualified, certified, experienced, and trusted Indian psychologists with just a click of a button. 

Finding the best psychologist in India can be a challenge. According to a study by the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, for a population of 1,00,000 people, there are only 0.75 mental health professionals (psychiatrists and psychologists) in India. To solve your problems, choose from the best therapist in India at TalktoAngel using filters for age, sex, fee, and language. With AI (Artificial Intelligence) support, consult with the best psychologist in India, online counsellors, and online therapists in an easier and faster way.

TalktoAngel is the best online counselling platform in India. Schedule your appointment with the top psychologist in India and get an online counselling service, 24X7, accessible from anywhere across the globe. It is easier, faster, and more convenient.

A psychologist is an expert in the study of mental processes and behavior, including the treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral illnesses, whereas a counsellor is someone who has been trained to provide guidance on personal or psychological issues. Online counsellor often assists people in resolving problems in a constructive manner by assisting them through an online counselling session. They aim to support clients in resolving issues, exploring possibilities, and developing strategies. Psychologists, on other hand, are specialists in the assessment and diagnosis of mental health issues and help them to overcome issues and live happier.

Talk about your problems at TalktoAngel with the most trusted, top psychologists in India and the best counsellors in India. If you are searching for a “Psychologist Near Me” or looking for the “Best Psychologist Near Me”, then start your journey of mental health care with an online counsellor and therapist to bring peace, serenity, and solace to your well-being in a private and confidential manner. 

Technology is an enabler in transforming the ways of traditional talk therapy. With the greater access and availability of electronic gadgets and the internet; online counsellor and the best therapist in India can provide online counselling to clients in remote areas to discuss their life’s challenges, and daily struggles, and develop capabilities for self-improvement.

Seek video/audio counselling at TalktoAngel, the best online counselling platform in India. You can consult with the best online counsellor and therapists in India, and overcome mental health issues at an affordable price, at your convenience.

“Talk therapy” is often interchangeably used as Psychotherapy by commoners. However, Psychotherapy is a method of treating patients with mental illnesses. It helps to overcome stress, irrational thoughts, and unhealthy behaviors by learning methods and techniques to effectively deal with such problems. Psychotherapy assists patients in better managing their symptoms and improving their daily activities and behaviors.

TalktoAngel is here to help you with the best online therapy in India, where you can connect with the best online counsellor, top psychologists in India, and the best clinical psychologists in India to solve your mental health issues with effective online counselling and the best online therapy.

A career counsellor helps students and individuals to make the best of their professional career and work-life decisions. They work with clients during specific career transitions: from high school to post-secondary education, from college to professional life, and also during periods of unemployment or re-entry into the workforce. With online counselling techniques and career assessments, they help to have better career discovery and support to make informed choices about their careers.

If you need to build on your strengths, improve your weakness; understand career opportunities, personality traits, and interest level, connect with the best career counsellor in India with TalktoAngel. If you are concerned with your career and looking to connect with a “career counsellor near me”, TalktoAngel offers you the same at affordable and confidential online counselling services.

TalktoAngel brings a comforting and reliable solution to help you find the best and most trusted best counsellors in India and top psychologists in India. TalktoAngel is aligned with global practices of HIPPA compliance. TalktoAngel, an online counselling platform provides the best online therapy services in India which is safe, secure, and confidential. It brings together the best clinical psychologist in India and qualified therapist in India on a single platform at an affordable price and with the utmost confidentiality and deliver online counselling sessions. 

TalktoAngel brings to you a comforting solution with its best online therapy in India and online counselling services. When looking for a “psychologist near me”, the following factors can be taken into consideration:

  • Accessibility;
  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Openness and comfort;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Language of the therapist.

With the following factors taken into account, TalktoAngel offers you online counselling with the top psychologist in India and the best online counsellors in India to help you to resolve mental, social, emotional, and behavioral problems. One can receive onlinecounselling for multiple areas of concern at TalktoAngel. 

Bringing the best together, TalktoAngel connects you with the best psychiatrists in India. If you are trying to connect with the “best psychiatrist near me” and looking to seek online counselling, you must consider the following factors:

  • Approachability/Accessibility;
  • Pricing;
  • Comfort Level;
  • Language;

One can connect and seek medical advice with the best psychiatrists in India through the simple process of online counselling at TalktoAngel. Helping to connect with the best, TalktoAngel helps you reach out to a “psychiatrist near me”. 

With the advancement of e-counseling and tele-counseling services, connecting with the best psychologist in India and online counsellor is easy and convenient. Increased accessibility and choice to customize your counselling session make online counselling more effective. Results from various research indicate that online counselling intervention is as effective as offline clinic consultation. It is effective in reducing depression, stress, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive distress.

Schedule an appointment at your own convenience and seek help from the best psychologist and online counsellor with TalktoAngel. With its online counselling platform, you can access the services of the top psychologist in India. Narrow down your search and select the best online counsellor according to your choice and book an appointment to solve your mental health issues.