10 Signs that you are in a difficult Marriage

10 Signs that you are in a difficult Marriage

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Most loving relationships go through phases of love, doubt and denial, and chances to nourish your relationship. During the phase of relationship ebb, the disagreements that may arise are visible in the form of: his words against hers; her values against his; old traditions vs. modern ideas and different social and cultural upbringing. Patterns of these differences are often invisible when you live with your partner for a few years and try to move on without paying much heed to underlying issues. Such relationship is often very toxic and drain you physically and mentally. According to Top Relationship Counsellor Dr(Prof) R K Suri may be you need to change you are thinking and feeling about each other.  These problems can be resolved with the help of  Relationship counselling which focuses on understanding the reasons behind relationship difficulties and attempts to lay an unbiased foundation to build healthy connection between you and your partner.

Here are few signs indicating that you need help in your relationship:-

  1. Inability to express your emotions openly: In comparison to all other social, work and family relationships, the secret to healthy romantic relationships is to stay emotionally open. Sharing one’s feelings with your partner is a healthy sign. However, when couples do not share one’s emotional intimacy effectively, it leads to unwanted confusion, resentment and feeling that you aren’t loved.
  2. Frequent argument and fights: Arguments and disagreements is a sign of a healthy relationship. The issue arises when the altercation devolves into blame-game, sarcasm, contempt, hostility, criticism, animosity, prolonged silence (stone walling), abusive language and physical aggression. One of the indications that your relationship is deteriorating is if your disputes involve saying cruel things to one another and showing disrespect for even the smallest issues. As a result, maintaining a relationship becomes challenging.
  3. Avoiding conflicting topics:  A relationship develops and becomes stronger when it can get through the difficult times. Challenges in relationship bring couples chooser to each other when they work as team to address conflicting issues. However, when a couple chooses to stay away from them or avoids them completely, they may simply reappear to make things get heated and furious. It may also imply that neither of you care about the other and do not want to stick together and try to resolve the differences. 
  4. Unjust suspiciousness and distrust: Suspiciousness arises with the gut feeling that something is not correct. When mistrust starts to interfere with a relationship, the suspicious partner may become quite accusatory against his or her partner. This often causes disagreements, feelings of detachment, and withdrawal from a relationship. Mutual trust allows you to be open and transparent with your partner, express your difficulties and feel confident in your interactions and relationships.
  5. Doubting one’s ability to be completely authentic in relationship: If you don't feel comfortable sharing your experiences, hobbies, thoughts, and feelings with your partner or if you feel judged or condemned when you do and start to hide or suffocate aspects of yourself that your partner finds objectionable, that is a warning sign. Self-doubt can harm your chances of finding true love and cause unnecessarily painful worry, anxiety, and suffering.
  6. Lack of physical intimacy: The relationship may also become strained if there is not enough physical intimacy and affection. Though these issues of incompatibility are often ignored in the initial part of relationship, however, as the relationship matures and settles for long-term, lack of sexual chemistry becomes a glaring issue. Sexual intimacy is not everything in a relationship but it remains the most important to be affectionate to each other and establish long term connection.
  7. Feeling of disrespect: Do you feel your emotions are put down in your relationship? Do significant decisions in your relationship are taken without your advice? Do feel embarrassed around others while being with your partner? or your work or you are often labeled as "dumb" or "insignificant." These kind of behavior in a relationship is a red sign and shouldn't be accepted. Of course, no relationship is perfect, but feeling mistreat can be bad and makes you feel inferior in different ways.
  8. Infidelity or Cheating: In the event you found that your partner is doing emotional, physical or financial cheating and is keeping you guessing about their actions and significant changes in behavior you are in difficult marital relationship.
  9. Lack of Support: “Health relationship is based on mutual respect, and commitment desire to see partner succeed in all area of life” says top relationship coach of India Dr R K Suri, however when its toxic relationship everything fall apart support.
  10. Negative Economic Behaviour: Sharing details of finances and economic with partner is a healthy sign, however when one partner is become secretive the way finances or major economic decisions are made, it results into doubt and insecurities.  


Some of the above red flags might not as awful as others for you, but it's always worthwhile to discuss them. Few couples avoid resolving their relationship issues because of their ego. They don’t share or listen to each other and develop hostility. However, by relying and supporting each other in understanding the nature and reason behind your relationship issues, you can work amicably to resolve relationship conflict and might become closer as a pair. In a situation, when couples struggle with communication or encounter other issues that they may not be able to resolve on their own, marriage counselling becomes necessary.

 Marriage counselling is the key to help you and your partner understand each other and resolve your disagreements and the underlying tension in the relationship. An experienced and certified marriage counsellor understands your worries and anxiety, listens both the partner without biasness and evaluate the root cause of problem and guide them towards a good and healthy bond.

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