10 Signs that you are in a Situationship Relationship

10 Signs that you are in a Situationship Relationship

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The names of relationships that are not committed change periodically. After friends with benefits and many more such names, the most popular is situationship. The popularity of casual relationships has been increasing throughout the decades. Why is this? It is it always commitment-phobia? And what exactly is a "situationship" relationship? 

Situationship is the kind of relationship where you begin acquainted with a potential partner but don’t think for a long term commitment. It is not a relationship, but that you have a connection to one another. It's where you're more than just friends but you're not engaged in a serious relationship.

Examples of situational relationships

There are many kinds of situationship that can be a long-distance one in which you intend to remain in your current area for a certain period of time, and you plan to move out. There are many reason you don’t want to be in an intimate relationship. Another scenario is that you've been through a difficult breakup and the relationship was very serious and you want fun with your relationship, and you're not quite ready to commit to a relationship at this point.

Signs you’re in a Relationship

1. Things aren't Moving

There are certain milestones in your relationship that you can anticipate when your relationships progress. There are dinners with your partner on a Saturday night, you share a meal as well as meet family and friends and celebrate a holiday together becoming exclusive, and then say your first "I I love you." If none of these occur in a timely manner, it's undoubtedly a red flag.

2. You're Not Involved in their Life

Once you are a couple with someone else, you go for a coffee at their local spot with them and discover what the names of their preferred barista. You meet them at work and get to know their co-workers. You take them to their favourite restaurant. You get to spend time with friends they love. You're featured and mentioned via their platforms. If these integrations fail to occur this is a sign that there isn't any progress toward a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

3. You're Not Going on Actual Dates

The process of dating is courting each other. Additionally, inviting someone out indicates a commitment to the relationship as well as the person. In the event that the one you're without to eat and drinks with a friend and then decides to not go out with you, then there's a problem.

4. The Convention in relationship is a fake

If you are only able to see things on an uninvolved level, it suggests that the person isn't taking the time to become acquainted with you or reveal a part of themselves to you. Without vulnerability, connection, and emotional intimacy, things will not advance. These are the pillars of relationship and love that is meaningful.

5. Plans Are notconsistent and are not in advance

This indicates a lack of investing time and effort to get to get to know you. This is a clear sign that the person isn't committed to your relationship or in the relationship. Sure, there are people who are more by the pansies but they'll arrange a date ahead of time in order to impress the person they're interested in.

6. There's No Talk for future

A typical part of a relationship is to plan for near future. Whether it is trying out a new place or planning a trip or inviting you to a person who is visiting town. If they don't talk to you about upcoming events that they would like to be a part of, it's an indication that the person isn't counting on that you'll be around in the future.

7. You've Never Had a DTR (Define the relationship) Talk

Every relationship is at a point where its term has to be established. Are you in a relationship with other people? Do you feel romantic toward me? Do you consider yourself monogamous? Do you wish to be the only one? Many people avoid the conversation the longest time possible. If you're between three and six months into your relationship but no one has mentioned this it is not normal. It's not a great indication and you might need to start the conversation if you're looking to convert your relationship into a relationship.

8. There isn't a Special Event Date with your Partner

It is commonplace to attend family meals or holidays, weddings and other gatherings that you'd love to be able to go out on a date completely by you. Being unable to invite someone you're passionately involved with can be a sign of how you're doing in relation to each other's lives.

9. There is No Concrete Proof that You Are a Couple

The people he knows have not heard of you. The family members don't know your existence. There's no mention of you in his accounts on social networks. It's normal to be hesitant when you're just beginning an affair, but after some moment it becomes an essential indication of where you are.

10. There is no romance

If you're not getting regularly scheduled dates, calls texts, or phone calls this inconsistency could eventually affect you, and cause you to feel stressed. Additionally, if you simply spend time at the same places but there's no romance it can cause frustration. If you're having these feelings, it could be an indication that you're not moving in the right direction toward becoming something that is more important.

Situational relationships aren't always bad but knowing what you want to achieve when you're in one will have an impact. Be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of joining the situation and determine whether this is the type of relationship you're looking for. Keep in mind that nobody can make you do an arrangement you're uncomfortable with. You might want to begin in the context of a relationship however, while you're there be sure to establish a solid foundation of trust, respect and intimacy. This will lead two of you to recognize the love you share, and proceed to the next step. If you're in a situation where it works for you at the moment it could be that you realize you don't enjoy it after a while. It is your choice to give up when you are no longer content or realize that you are not moving ahead.

Important conclusions

Situationships are loosely defined, non-committal romantic relationships where the focus is more on convenience and fun than on a long-term commitment.

There are no dates when you can express your thoughts, you don't have a social circle with your partner, and you frequently make last-minute plans.

Making a commitment makes a situational relationship into a serious romance, but if the relationship doesn't work out, it's simple to end it.

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Contributed by: Dr (Prof) R K Suri Clinical Psychologist& Relationship Coach and Utkarsh Yadav


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