4 reason why you need to chill about your ticking biological clock


4 reason why you need to chill about your ticking biological clock

Women since the beginning of mankind have been pressurized to give birth within the right time frame under the pretext of their ticking ‘biological clocks’ .

Here are some interesting facts about the same-

1. The concept was introduced to restrict women from venturing far from their traditional roles. Their bodies are to yearn a baby and so far the biological clock comes attached with their age and the whisper starts the minute you start approaching 30. 

2. Psychologically, there is an existing dichotomy where some say it’s the introduction of the ‘baby fever’ in a women’s life which most women describe as the feeling of longing causing an ‘unbearable ache”, sensitive breasts or sensation of the empty arms.

3. Therapists suggest that extreme pressure for delayed childbirth may result in stress or anxiety disorders.

4. Medical experts maintain that your biological clock regulates your sleep cycle and not your reproduction. Women should not confuse the optimum age to have a baby from the point of fertility. There’s no concrete number at which fertility ends however, the egg quality starts to deplete with the age which significantly varies from women to women.

It’s one thing to have a rational conversation about starting a family, but giving birth should not be a compulsion or the only thing that defines a women.

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