Adlerian therapy

Adlerian therapy

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Adlerian therapy is a goal-oriented, short-term and positive psycho-dynamic therapy. It is an evidence based approach that can be applied in the treatment of various type of psychological disorder or mental illness. This approach can be employed with children, adolescence, adults, couples, individuals, families and groups. The Adlerian therapy focuses on re-framing the attitudes, beliefs and lifestyle choices that block success, in order to make an individual more effective at reaching to desired goal.

It can be used with children, adolescents and adults. Adlerian Therapy can be administered in individual, couple as well as family settings. It is often used with art and play therapy and culture sensitive counselling. It can be used for the treatment of any type of psychological and mental disorder.

Alderian therapist works in different settings that include schools, offices, clinics etc and their primary focus is to create an environment that provide sense of belonging. The therapist also focuses on birth order and the role in the family affects the development of personality. The aim of the treatment to eventually provide positive and future oriented counselling.


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