Analytical Psychotheraphy

Analytical Psychotheraphy

Analytical Psychotheraphy

Analytical psychotherapy is a psychological based approach which is pioneered by Carl Jung. It is also known as Jungian psychology. It is an in-depth approach to a wide range of difficulties that are related to the self and to relationships. Its aim is to improve an individual development by removing obstacles in order to achieve at more wholesome state of being. It is an in-depth analytical process to bring together conscious and unconscious parts of the mind to help the person feel balanced and whole

for depression, anxiety, grief. phobia, relationship trauma, bereavement, low self esteem. it also aims to help person who wants a deeper understanding of himself and is committed to acquire knowledge for the same

therapist uses the process of bringing out repressed experience and memories often referred as “collective unconscious” or natural traits that affect everyone in an imbalanced between conscious and unconscious mind and has detrimental affect on emotionality of a person. the client explores deep rooted causes of relationship problem and blocked emotions to success often referred as individuation. the success of therapy depends on client’s commitment to do intense work on scheduled sessions.

David C Hamilton, Jungian analyst, IAAAP


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