Attack Therapy

Attack Therapy

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Attack therapy is a form of psychotherapy which came from ventilation treatment that is about negative and positive self-images of individual about themselves. The goal of attack therapy is to rebuild self-esteem of an individual based on new beliefs and morals by eliminating their rigid beliefs. It uses for those persons who have possess a self-esteem based on rigid beliefs, addiction or substance use patients and those who have a difficulty in confronting others. It consists of highly confrontational interaction between patients and other patients in a group setting or between patients and doctor. It is most commonly used for the treatment of addiction of substance-use and behavior modification. It is also used corporate setup for behavioral training.

The concept behind attack therapy is to lower down inflated ego, allowing them to build values, morals and ideals of the group and group leader much like military boot camp. this therapy used with caution for people with low self esteem, self image and poor self concept.

It is suggested to use self concept, self image tests and sentence completion test (to understand underline unconscious issues and challenges) before starting the therapy.


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