Benefits of crying

Benefits of crying

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Crying is a very common human reaction, triggered by different emotions like sadness, extreme happiness. Crying can help refine your body and soul as it is a self-soothing act. These benefits of crying start from the very first cry that helps the baby breathe and then help us throughout.

Some benefits of crying

  1. Helps you improve your mood

Your mood improves when after crying when a person breathe in cool air which lower temperature of the brain and stimulates pleasure.


  1. Helps with the pain

The act of crying realizes chemicals like oxytocin and opioids, which works as natural painkillers in our body and helps with both physical and emotional pain.


  1. Helps you relieve stress

It is believed that tears carry a hormone that is present in high levels at the time of stress. When the hormone is realized via tears, it leads to sudden fall in the stress.


  1. Helps in restoring emotional balance

Tears are not always response to sadness. It can happen when you are extremely happy (“tears of joy”), scared or stressed.


  1. Helps you recover from grief

Grieving is a process that involves denial, anger, bargain, sorrow and acceptance. Crying plays an important role in the process and helps a person to reach acceptance of the loss.


  1. Helps you rally support

When you’re feeling low, sad or just blue, crying can help others know that you need support. It is seen babies when as they cry when they are hungry, sleepy or needs change. Crying helps in seeking comfort from others.


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