Benefits of Workplace Counselling

Benefits of Workplace Counselling

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In our hectic, fast-paced environment, it's not unusual for organizations to have employees struggling with stress-related work or personal problems. The effects of these issues can be detrimental to an employee's performance at work due to lower productivity levels increased absenteeism and poor or strained relations with colleagues and family. A hectic, competitive corporate culture has left a lot of employees anxious and stressed over deadlines, targets as well as job security, which can lead to a lack of a balance between work and life.

According to Prof (Dr) R K Suri Top Psychologist in India, “Workplace counselling for employees has been identified as the most effective method used to boost the efficiency and quality of the workforce as well as to keep and attract top employees.” Managers should be aware of the fact that many issues in the workplace can be a result of an employee's personal issues and not only the workplace situation workplace counselling can help employees by providing alternative solutions to their issues or challenges and can lead to greater engagement of employees.

Workplace Counselling

The process of dealing with problems at the workplace, whether it's harassment or any other workplace issues, is a grueling task for most people. Achieving a balance between work and home life as well as a healthy mind are essential to keeping mental health in check, as well as navigating the pressures of working in a workplace takes stress on the mental well-being of employees.

Workplace counselling refers to the brief program of psychotherapy for employees within an organization, which includes face-to-face counselling, a helpline on the phone for legal assistance, as well as critical-incident debriefing. It could be an "external service', which is in the format of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), or an 'in-house' service where counsellors are employed directly by the company.

Employers can avail of workplace counselling as an opportunity to receive secure, accessible, and confidential. Online Counselling services offered by qualified Online Counsellors can promise to relieve stress in a shorter timeframe without triggering the diagnosis of a psychiatric condition. Workplace counseling as part of an Employees Assistance Program (EAP) provides employers with an option that is appreciated by employees. It can result in savings by reducing sickness absence. It also relieves managers of pressure through the possibility of having a positive method of handling difficult employees or issues as well as contributing to its standing as a compassionate employer.  Mr. P K Dutta, MD Systopics says that the corporate wellness program of TalktoAngel best online counselling platform is of great importance in promoting positive health, increasing productivity by 18% and increasing turnover by 23%, and decrease in absenteeism of employees by 15%

Need for Workplace Counselling or EAP programs

In the last two years, the country has experienced rapid growth in businesses in the private market, including many MNCs opening their businesses within the nation. But, with the increase in jobs, stress-related problems have also risen up in workplaces. When stress-related problems are combined with the everyday stress of our modern society, employers suffer a dramatic drop in employee engagement, a rise in absenteeism, and turnover. As depression rates have increased steadily in the last few years, it has caused an increase in various ailments like cardiac conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. These can all impact productivity and medical expenses directly.

Benefits of Workplace Counselling

Counselling at work is designed to help reduce the incidence of mental health and psychological issues and disorders if any; dramatically reduce sick time; deal with behavioural issues and improve the employee attitudes towards working. Other benefits of employee counselling include:

1. Increase productivity and performance

Workers are more susceptible to stress and burnout compared to the past because of the pandemic. Online Counselling at work provides a secure environment for employees to discuss their anxieties and stressors. Everyone needs an outlet to talk with at times!

2. Improve the company's culture

Workplace counselling programs make employees feel like they are treated with respect by their employer and care about their health and wellbeing, thereby helping to create an environment that is focused on mental health. Online Counsellor through the EAP program can aid in creating an environment that encourages more synergy between organizational development and learning.

3. More job satisfaction

The benefits mentioned earlier help employees stay with you! Many companies don't give their employees the tools that can help assist with their mental well-being. Your company has the chance to stand out as the only exception.

4. Train Employees 

Workplace counselling or an Employee Assistance Program can help employees to learn new skills, manage themselves, and improve their personal development. Workplace Counselling also helps employees improve their awareness of their behavior patterns and thinking tendencies to improve their effectiveness as individuals and more efficient in their jobs as well.

The corporate wellness program offers Online Therapy for anyone and everyone as well as their family members, as we all have to cope with the stresses of life. Everyone needs to find strategies to deal with the stresses. Online Therapy doesn't have to be always clinical. Sometimes, we simply require someone to talk to privately and without judgment. Certain people can greatly benefit from just one counselling session every year. Some may want to speak with an Online Counselor two times each month. All of it depends on the person's character and requirements.

The benefits of workplace counselling are clear for both employers and employees. Studies have proven the strong connection between an employee's mental well-being and performance at work. If companies provide an EAP that offers confidential Online Counselling in the workplace that all employees benefit from it.

Expressing your feelings to a trusted and neutral source has been found to be an effective method to deal with the everyday challenges that arise in our lives, share emotional burdens, and gain a new perspective about situations that we encounter that could pose a threat to our health. Employees are able to tackle challenges in their lives that could have an impact on their performance. Employers can also enjoy productivity improvements while knowing they're helping improve the lives of their employees. Employers ought to seriously think about Online Counselling as a part of their employee welfare initiatives and as an overall wellness program that is available to all and not just to those who seem to be struggling with issues.



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