Can Online Therapy help in dealing with Sleep Issues?

Can Online Therapy help in dealing with Sleep Issues?

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All health professionals emphasize on good quality sleep to maintain wellbeing. “Sleep” plays an enormous part in the proper functioning of the mind, brain and body. Lack of adequate sleep could result in several health problems, as time and again cited by specialists or other experts. The minimum required sleep for any age group would be 6 hours but a 7-8 hours sound sleep is considered healthy. If we do not have a consistent sleep schedule, we can end up suffering from various sleep issues. For example, disturbed sleep can cause sleep apnea; inability to fall asleep for longer periods of time can cause insomnia.

To overcome sleep issues and sleep disorders, experts suggest that therapy can prove to be effective. Through therapy individuals may learn abilities for improving their sleep hygiene and cycle. Therapists can likewise address the emotional wellness aspect of sleep disorders, and facilitate individuals with overseeing emotional wellness caused due to sleep issues. If sleep issues go untreated for a long time, they can transform into exacerbating mental illness as well as physical illnesses like diabetes etc.

An individual may experience difficulty in sleeping during troublesome life progress. Nervousness, depression or stress due to various reasons could likewise cause sleep issues. Without treatment, the conditions may intensify manifolds. These are few of the reasons for sleep problems. Treatment is a frequently helpful arrangement. It might permit individuals to work through the reason and impacts of sleep issues, depending upon whether the reason is known. Online counselling for sleep problems is an amazing option to be considered. It helps the individual by counselling as and when needed depending upon the situation.

Tips for better Sleep Hygiene:

  • Engaging in physical activity for e.g. exercise, yoga, sports etc.;  
  • Adjusting the environment to a calm soothing environment for sleep (such as a dark and cool bedroom);  
  • Avoid having small naps;
  • Keeping alcohol and caffeine intake to a minimum;
  • Reduce and at best avoid screen time screen time before going to bed;
  • Observe your sleep-wake cycle and try to maintain consistency;
  • Engage in mindfulness techniques like meditation, breathing exercises etc.;
  • Clean up or shower before bed. A warm relaxing bath can also help.

Sleep routine can vary from individual to individual. What helps sound sleep for any individual may not work for another person. It is critical to focus on things that work for you. A counsellor may assist you with finding which tips are useful to you. ‘Sleep Disorder’ is a condition that regularly impacts one’s capacity to get enough quality rest, leaving the person feeling depleted or sluggish during the day. This should be avoided with the help of experts.

Online Counselling for sleep-wake issues for the most part focuses around:

  • Behavioral Changes;
  • Defining and accomplishing objectives;
  • Increasing Self Awareness;
  • Learning Relaxation Abilities; and
  • Developing consistency.

Recent studies have concluded that online interventions can help be effective. These digital treatments can address problems like depression, sleepiness, fatigue, cognitive failure etc. Therapy could help one introspect the root cause for the sleep disorder. Any issue of depression, life stress, and relationship matters could be the reason leading to sleepless nights. Therefore, a solution by talking abour such issues could help resolve the sleep disorder. Thereby adding to the advantage of counselling is “Online Counselling”, which provides the biggest advantage of comfortable, pocket-friendly and easy accessible counselling services.

If you or your friends and family face challenges in sleeping or incapable to take quality rest, there is an incredible open door for you to associate with the best online counselling platform that comprehends your issues and assist you with accomplishing positive development at TalktoAngel ( TalktoAngel being an online counselling platform is committed towards providing the “Best-Individualized Treatment” to its users at the user’s comfort, maintaining confidentiality and ease to help resolve any sleep disorders or issues.


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