Can you Improve Mental Wellbeing with Yoga?

Can you Improve Mental Wellbeing with Yoga?

June 19 2021 TalktoAngel 0 comments 1186 Views

We all are aware about the numerous physical benefits of Yoga, but we should all be aware about the fact that yoga's benefits are not just limited to physical benefits, but also mental benefits. The 7th International Yoga Day just seems the right time to talk about the holistic benefits of Yoga. Extensive research has been conducted on the benefits of Yoga on mental wellbeing, and yes all of it has led to positive findings. Today, it is synonymous with mind-body health.

Let's look at the various benefits of yoga for mental health wellbeing. 

Bust your Stress with Asanas

Yoga helps in relieving stress. Regular practice of yoga results in reduced level of arousal associated with stress. Certain studies have also proven that it reduces the levels of stress provoking hormones in the body.

Relieve your Anxiety with those focused breaths

Yoga can be a cure to day to day non clinical anxiety. Moreover, it can also help in reducing and coping with clinical anxiety. Deep breathing exercise can help focus and reduce levels of anxiety. Various symptoms like excessive worry, inability to focus can be improved with yogic techniques.

Build Resilience to fight and aid mental health issues

Some studies have suggested that yoga can help decrease symptoms of mental health illnesses. Regular practice can help aid recovery given that they go through psychological care.

Be Happier

Yoga or any other form of physical activity for a continued stretch of 15-20 minutes releases hormones related to happiness. Hormones associated with pleasure, attachment, bonding, feeling good about oneself, etc. impact overall happiness levels. Indulgence in yoga or other physical exertion leads to regulation of these hormones, resulting in increased happiness.

Sleep Better

Long term yoga practice can improves overall sleep quality. Deep relaxation, a result of the practice leads to sleep efficiency, i.e., reduction in sleep disturbances.

Yoga can be a page turner if we decide to dedicate time and patience to it. Various techniques like karma yoga, vinayasa, hatha yoga, asthanga yoga etc. are available at our disposal. These forms provide different dynamics while preserving the basic benefits of yoga. It is truly a form of achieving mind-body health.

At TalktoAngel we promote holistic wellbeing and encourage the practice of Yoga during our Online Counselling for Mental Health, as we truly believe that, Yoga helps in a significant manner in reducing various mental health issues and attain a better lifestyle.


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