Cassandra Syndrome and Emotional Deprivation Disorder Counseling

Cassandra Syndrome and Emotional Deprivation Disorder Counseling

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The Cassandra Syndrome is another attempt to depict the struggle of the neurotypical partner (NT) who, all too often, does not receive validation from their neurodiverse (formerly Asperger's Syndrome) partner, extended family, or helping professionals. Most couple needs Couple Therapy when they are having symptoms of Cassandra syndrome.

In Greek mythology, the God Apollo endowed the supernatural gift of foresight on Cassandra. He did this in an attempt to seduce her.

Cassandra, on the other hand, was not keen on being God's consort, so she turned down his advances. Apollo granted her the gift of prophecy...but cursed her with the hardship of never being believed.

Cassandra could predict the future and warn of impending danger, but no one believed her. She was ridiculed and marginalized... seen as nothing more than insane and delusional.

Cassandra's life was never the same after she rejected Apollo. Despite Cassandra's foresight, her truth was never accepted.

Cassandra Syndrome is a term that describes the emotional and psychological distress that a neurotypical woman experiences when she marries a neurodiverse man. Support for their point of view is also difficult to come by but Cassandra Syndrome Counseling helps the client and family.

Ambivalence, confusion, and turmoil are common problems for neurotypical spouses. There are few social supports available to help neurotypical spouses deal with the experience of being married to a neurodiverse person...or vice versa.

Complicating matters is the lack of understanding among friends, family, and even helping professionals about the neurotypical spouse's intimate life. If your Asperger's syndrome partner does not recognize his role in the marital issues and refuses to focus on the damage, India's best Online Therapy platform like TalktoAngel offers  an Online Counselling  that would like to take to express your concerns.

To define the neurotypical spousal experience, several catch-all terms have been employed. It was around 20 years ago that the term “Cassandra Syndrome” was coined.

Another term that has been proposed is Emotional Deprivation Disorder. EDD is a syndrome (a collection of symptoms) caused by a lack of genuine affirmation and emotional support from a significant other.

This term is perplexing because it was coined in the 1950s by Dr. Anna Terruwe, a Dutch Catholic psychiatrist. She first proposed that emotional deprivation in childhood fueled an adult anxiety disorder.

Since we're discussing marriage and not childhood, it's not a useful term, though it was probably coined because it sounded like one.

However, if you had an emotionally deprived childhood, which resulted in an Anxious Attachment Style, and afterward married a neurodivergent, your historical background may be a force multiplier for marital problems.

The Cassandra phenomenon portrays a state of confusion, self-doubt, and internal conflict that is all too acquainted among neurotypical people who, when trying to describe their experiences with an individual on the spectrum, are doubted, discounted, ignored, and, in some cases, rejected by friends, close relatives, and sometimes professionals who do not believe their account.

The list of symptoms that can occur when someone is in a close relationship with an adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder is too long to describe in this article, but several reactions stand out. One is the intense loneliness that comes from having one's experiences distrusted or outright denied. According to one husband:

My wife is extremely intelligent and skilled in her field. She has an incredible memory, can converse in depth about a wide range of topics, is outgoing and ambitious, and has a quirky but trying-to-engage sense of humor. People simply do not understand the anguish that comes with having Autism Spectrum Disorder symptoms. In my experience, I am alone and have nowhere to turn to for understanding.

Not surprisingly, living with an adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder has a negative impact on confidence and self-esteem. When neurotypical partners are unable to form a satisfying emotional connection, they believe something is wrong with them. As one person put it:

Something is wrong with me if I want more and believe I can have it. I've come to believe that wanting to feel cared for, loved, and even understood is unrealistic, and that I'm requesting something I don't deserve.

Other reactions include persistent sadness, depression, and anxiety, as well as insomnia, isolation, and anger. Unfortunately, these aren't usually temporary, but they can improve with proper care and attention.

Recovery from Cassandra syndrome – Counselling for Neurotypical spouses

It is not claimed that this disorder is the result of any intent by concluding that the concept of affective deprivation disorder meets the requirements for a relational disorder (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, 2013), which places such disorders between partner behaviors, rather than solely on the individual.

According to a social constructionist perspective, we are increasingly looking to our partners to meet more of our needs within a relationship than earlier generations, with the existing normative idea of intimate relationships encompassing a significant amount of interpersonal interaction and work to fulfill the requirements and expectations placed upon it. AS partners may suffer significant distress as a result of such demands, which may or may not be obvious, but can lead to the AS partner's autism is problematic, rather than such broader contextual factors and more systemic perspectives being considered. Because of my work with NT/AS couples, it is proposed as an equivalent concept to CADD for AS partners in relationships, in order to begin addressing these issues more relationally and begin the process of healing from the pain associated with emotional deprivation and need to Couple therapy through Online Counselling for couples and individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, you can also speak with an online counsellor for online counselling to deal with your issues in a more effective manner.

Treatment from the Top Psychologist in India will help you address the underlying cause of your distress in a less destructive and healthier way. Finding the appropriate medical assistance is not difficult. If you are searching for the “Best Psychiatrist near me” connect with top Online Psychiatrist at TalktoAngel.  


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