Codependency Issues and Challenges

Codependency Issues and Challenges

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Originally, the term "codependent" referred to people who lived with or were in a relationship with an addict. Codependency is now understood to be a type of relationship addiction characterized by preoccupation and extreme dependence—emotional, social, and sometimes physical—on another person. Codependency is still used to refer to families with substance abuse issues, but it is also used to refer to other situations. The main effect of codependency is that codependents, while caring for others, forget to care for themselves, resulting in a disruption in identity development. Codependency is a psychological construct that refers to an unhealthy relationship that people may have with those closest to them.

Codependency can have negative consequences for both the codependent and their loved one. The relationship has the potential to be one-sided or damaging. You may feel frustrated, resentful, or stressed out as you put your partner's needs ahead of your own. You may even come to tolerate physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. When a relationship fails or goes through a difficult period, you may experience a loss of self-worth because your identity is so closely linked to your partner.

The following are characteristics of co-dependent people:

  • An exaggerated sense of responsibility for others' actions and a tendency to mix up love and pity, as well as a tendency to "love" people they can pity and save. 
  • A proclivity to do more than their fair share all of the time, a proclivity to be hurt when others do not acknowledge their efforts. 
  • An unhealthy reliance on interpersonal relationships. The co-dependent will go to any length to maintain a relationship and avoid the feeling of abandonment. 
  • A strong desire for approval and recognition, when asserting themselves, they feel guilty. A strong desire to exert control over others, a lack of faith in oneself or others.
  • The fear of being abandoned or left alone, difficulty recognizing emotions, Inflexibility/difficulty adapting to change
  • Intimacy and boundary issues, chronic rage, lying/dishonesty

The following are some examples of codependent relationships; it can include the following in parent-child relationships, doing everything for a self-sufficient adult child and financially supporting an adult child provides a sense of meaning or purpose. Never allow a child to do anything on their own. 

  • Giving up everything to look after a parent 
  • Neglecting other responsibilities and relationships in order to meet parental expectations
  • Never discuss issues in family relationships or behaviors.

Codependency develops in dysfunctional families where members frequently deny or ignore their anger, pain, fear, or shame. Underlying problems that contribute to dysfunction may include:

Problems in the family are never addressed. Codependents do not bring up the fact that problems exist. In order to care for the struggling individual, family members suppress their emotions and ignore their own needs. Family counseling by the best “Clinical Psychologist near me” at India’s best Online Counselling & mental health wellbeing platform helps in resolving the challenges of codependency.  The problems of codependency are on account of: 

  • Putting in a lot of effort and time to care for a partner who has an alcohol or substance abuse problem
  • Making excuses or covering for the bad behavior of another
  • Neglecting your own needs, work, or other relationships in order to care for your partner

Codependency is such a broad dysfunction that it is difficult to define in a concise manner. Nonetheless, ongoing studies with codependent individuals and families are teaching us a lot. I admire your desire to show your daughter the love of Christ. In situations like this, we frequently end up doing more harm than good without even realizing it. Staying in this type of relationship with your daughter will only encourage her to take advantage of you and, in the end, not appreciate anything you do for her. Codependency has a one hundred percent failure rate.

Codependency for Coefficients discusses the differences between codependent and healthy, interdependent relationships, healthy caregiving versus codependent care-taking, and understanding the boundaries between responsibility for you and responding to others, which codependents struggle with. Codependents keep wasting far too much time and energy worrying about things and people over which they have no control. Codependency recovery begins with getting to know you better, honoring yourself, and expressing yourself. Instead of deferring to others or waiting for someone else to make you happy, start doing things that make you happy, building a relationship with yourself leaves you with no time to be concerned about someone over whom you have no control in the first place. You may consider this self-indulgent, but when you love yourself, you radiate the love that is healing to be around. It seeps into everyone you come into contact with.  Family is the greatest asset that one could request, is important to invest energy & time to build stronger relationships, and invest in your family.

People in relationships are prone to becoming codependent. We all have this natural tendency. It's not always a bad thing, but it can be if you're not cautious. It's difficult to admit that you're codependent, and it can be even more difficult to figure out how to change. Consult a mental health professional or an Online Counselor.

A person can become codependent, for example, if they take on inappropriate emotional responsibility or are 'prettified' and placed in a parental role at a young age to survive a traumatic upbringing. Online Counselling with the Top Psychologist in India at TalktoAngel will allow you to uncover the trauma that frequently leads to these types of behaviors. Marriage Counselling or Couple Counselling helps couples to understand and resolve the conflict between the couples, and issues of codependency, the best Marriage Counselor at TalktoAngel helps to improve their relationship. 



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