Color Therapy: Holi for Mental Health

Color Therapy: Holi for Mental Health

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It’s March, the pleasant season of spring is upon us and Holi is just round the corner. But wait, why do we celebrate Holi? Well, from a mythological perspective, it is the celebration of the love between Lord Krishna and Radha. In addition, we also perform Holika Dahan to mark the victory of Lord Vishnu over evil. It has always been an event surrounded with positivity and happiness. It is also a reason to just take a break and have fun. Playing Holi can also have benefits for our mental health, yes it is based on science! Let’s look at how: 

A chance to socialise and interact

During the last two years, COVID 19 has increased the level of isolation and loneliness. Like all festivals, holi gives us a chance to interact with each other and have fun. Opportunities presented by festivals like Holi to socialise and engage be it with family and friends can reduce feelings of loneliness. Going out, indulging in play and music, doing things being different from your daily routine helps in stress management. 

Color Brings Joy

Colour influences our mood. Color therapy has been acclaimed towards spreading positivity and feeling of joy among people during the festive period. Since Holi is a colourful event, bright colours like red, yellow induce positive thoughts. Similarly, soothing colours like blue and pink have a calming effect on us. So playing with colours has a therapeutic effect on us by transforming our energy and emotions.

Festive Fun

It is good to be in a cheerful. You can have fun by distancing yourself from daily stressors. The festive environment makes is easier to do so. Since the occasion comes around only once a year, it is worth taking a break and immersing yourself in it. Involving in dance, music, good food and great company shall help one shift their thoughts from the daily stressors and enjoy the festival thus, making one feel happy and less stressed out.

Good Food = Good Mood

What kind of food we eat has a huge impact on us. You may be aware that eating healthy food is directly linked to improved mental health. So eating our favourite foods as we do during festivals also improves our mood. For example, eating sweets can induce happy hormones in the body.

Despite the many reasons to celebrate Holi, it can be difficult for many people to do so. Be it due to stressors, depressive feelings, social anxiety or any other reasons, one shouldn’t feel pressured to celebrate a festival. However, if you feel such feelings are thought are interfering with your day to day life, you should seek help and can consider seeking online counselling.

Online counselling platforms like TalktoAngel provide oneself with awareness for mental health wellness. With its team of trained, certified, experienced top counsellors, best couple counsellors, best psychologists TalktoAngel provides for best online counselling services to users. On the occasion of Holi, and emphasis on bringing positivity through the festival of colors or through color therapy TalktoAngel is currently providing online counselling services at a FLAT 22% discount from 15th March 2022 to 20th March 2022 to all its users.


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