Concept of Free Will and Independence in a Relationship

Concept of Free Will and Independence in a Relationship

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Free will- 

Individuals have free will and can make conscious decisions that affect their behavior. Most likely, free will is a set of inner capabilities for controlling the action. The inner faculty makes decisions. The ability to resist specific influences, such as external pressure or strong inner impulses, is referred to as freedom. Free will is the thought that we have some control over how we act and that we are free to choose our behavior, in other words, we are self-determined. People, for example, can make up their own minds about whether or not to commit a crime (unless they are a child or they are insane). This does not mean that our behavior is random, but it does mean that we are no longer subject to the causal influences of past events. A person is responsible for their own actions, according to free will.

Our daily lives give the impression that we do, in fact, have free will. You are consciously aware of your surroundings and can make decisions based on what you have observed by using your senses. Based on your perception of yourself and your place in the world, this argument for free will appears self-evident.

But, if we are so certain of our ability to exercise free will, how can determinism defeat this notion? In some ways, determinism is difficult for us to understand consciously, and it raises another issue: even if we make choices consciously using free will.

Free will appears to involve bounded rationality abilities. Some intellectuals have turned to quantitative psychology to determine whether we possess these abilities. A variety of research observations has been interpreted as displaying that we are less rational than we believe that our actions are profoundly influenced by factors outside of ourselves in ways we are unaware of and that consciousness is not directly involved in action production. Both the experimental data and its proper interpretation are highly debatable.

The concept of independence in relationships

Being independent in a relationship means knowing how to be you in a relationship. Being in a relationship does not require you to give up the things that made you happy previously, nor does it require you to devote 100% of your time and attention to your relationship alone. This will make you reliant on your relationship partner, and you will soon find yourself lost. You'll notice that if you have a fight, you won't be able to function, or you'll feel like you can't do anything if your partner isn't present or if they don't agree with your decision.

A romantic relationship should inspire us and help us become better people, but this will only happen if we can be independent in a relationship. Emotional independence is the ability to balance paying attention to what is going on around you and having some control over how you react to those events. Because of your inherent belief in yourself, emotional independence preserves your sense of self.

People who have emotional independence can cultivate a sense of happiness and peace regardless of what is going on in their lives and relationships. This is not to say that they are unaffected by external events, but they still have a sense of self and can meet their own needs internally.

How to Develop Emotional Independence?

  • Exercise mindfulness; the act of paying attention to the present moment is known as mindfulness. It is the awareness of what is going on inside of you (thoughts, feelings, sensations) and outside of you (situations and other external factors) without passing judgment. Mindfulness practice can help you develop emotional independence by increasing your awareness of your reactions and responses when things don't go as planned.


  • Reshape your brain

Make a list of your thoughts and beliefs that keep you emotionally dependent. When you have these kinds of thoughts, it is also known as automatic negative thoughts, practice replacing them with something neutral and adaptive, such as I can deal with any difficult feelings that arise. The ability to replace automatic negative thoughts with alternative, adaptive statements can aid in rewiring your brain


  • Experiment with letting go

Letting go entails letting go of the need to control how other people perceive us in order to be at peace with ourselves. 

By learning to let go of these expectations, we are also taking responsibility for our feelings without blaming others. This is a genuine form of acceptance in which we recognize that other people have the right to their own feelings toward us, but this does not change the core of who we are and how we feel about ourselves.


Why it is important to be independent in a relationship?

Trying to maintain independence in a relationship is essential in all relationships because we do not want to lose ourselves simply because we have fallen in love. Rather, we should be able to function independently in a relationship.

According to Prof (Dr) R K Suri Best Marriage Counsellor in India, “It is critical that we maintain our individuality while in a relationship so that we can continue to dream and make decisions for ourselves. Being overly clingy, needy, and reliant on our partners isn't just toxic. It also saps our partner's energy in a variety of ways”.  Online consultation with the best Clinical Psychologist shall be of great help in developing good relationships, family, and society.

Seek Help

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