Constipated Mind, Constipated Life

Constipated Mind, Constipated Life

June 24 2021 Ms. Nisha Matani 0 comments 2415 Views

Has there been time in your life when you face or feel an inability to articulate own thoughts or ideas which leads to frustration or stress? With each stressor human mental capacity diminishes to deal one or more matter and lives can become overwhelming. Individual feels his life is a trap and he is stuck in the trap.  If you feel so, you might be facing mental constipation.

What is a Constipated Mind?

A constipated mind is a mind where an individual is unable to express his/her emotions, thoughts or feelings. A turmoil of thoughts is present, that makes a person feel suffocated. An individual feels irritability, helplessness or uneasy. Mind revolves around all such thoughts and the person experiences cognitive draining.

It can be better understood with associating constipation with mental constipation. Imagine the feeling of constipation caused by your diet, you feel uneasy, unable to focus, feel unwell. Similarly, when you have more things in your mind than your capacity and you are unable to unload (i.e., express or share) it makes your mind constipated and same feelings of irritability, uneasiness, difficulty in focusing is felt by a person. In some cases, a person may feel anxious, face difficulty falling asleep, or face issues with memory etc.

Consider it indeed, in the event that you put an excess of trash in your mind the lines get obstructed. Without clean mental lines your view points, focus points are blocked. At the point when your mental lines are clear your reasoning, practices, and way to deal with life recovers its positive balance.

What can be done?

  • Try to share your thoughts with your loved ones about how you feel, what is going in your mind or any disturbing thoughts or events (if present). It may make you feel better by sharing the load and can reach to solutions or alternatives.
  • Jot your thoughts on a piece of paper and understand the root cause of your constipated mind.
  • Maintain balance between what should be done and what is supposed to be done. Don’t ignore on how you feel. It is okay to feel wide range of emotions, but balance helps to remove what is causing mental constipation.
  • You can always seek professional help. Visit nearby mental health professionals (Clinical Psychologists) or you can opt for online platform to meet mental health professionals for easy online counselling.
  • Recall experiences and stories that people tell you with similar situations. Try to study their experiences and try to apply those learnings in your life to set your mind free.
  • Practice meditation or perform workout on daily basis

In case you see someone suffering mental constipation. Try and be supportive by being an active listener and help them brainstorm. This might make them feel better or unclog.

How can TalktoAngel help?

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