Coping up with Stress at Work

Coping up with Stress at Work

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Stress is our psychological and physical response to certain events in life. It usually occurs when we identify a threat to our well-being. When we experience stress our brain makes us ready for a fight or flight response.Some of the common signs are low productivity, irritability, anger, anxiety, risky behaviour etc. you can read and know more about what is stress? And signs of stress,signs of workplace stress.

Although your job is probably a source of worry for you, you are not helpless against the impacts of workplace stress. Your professional and personal lives can both benefit from finding effective ways to manage job stress. We as the best mental health platform for the workplace can assist you in taking the initiative to cope with stress. According to Prof (Dr) R K Suri Top Psychologist in India“Workplace counseling for employees has been identified as the most effective method used to boost the efficiency and quality of the workforce as well as to keep and attract top employees.”, know more about the benefits of workplace counselling.

Your personality, life experiences, and other distinctive qualities all have an impact on how you react to and handle stress. While certain situations and events may irritate your coworkers, they may not bother you at all. It's also possible that you are especially sensitive to pressures that don't seem to trouble other people.

Find your stress triggers to start managing your stress at work.

Keep a journal of the circumstances, happenings, and persons who make you feel bad physically, mentally, or emotionally for a week or two. Include a succinct account of each circumstance, addressing issues like:

  • Where were you?
  • Who participated?
  • What did you think?
  • How were you feeling?

Review your stress inventory after that. Stress might have obvious causes, such as the possibility of losing your job, worry about the future, or challenges with a certain project. It's possible that you don't feel like you have decision-making authority at work or that your expectations are unclear. You might also pick up on more covert but enduring stressors, including a protracted commute or an uncomfortable work environment. You can also be stressed out because you juggle job and personal and family obligations while working from home. Your stress may be increased by utilizing new communication technologies or working in strange places.

Consider each situation or occurrence and seek solutions once you've discovered your stress triggers.

Consider the scenario when you have to pick up your son from school and you are running late for work. You may inquire about an after-school carpool with other parents or your neighbors. Alternatively, you might start working earlier, cut short your lunch break, or bring work home to finish it later in the day.

Finding a strategy to alter the situations that are creating stress is frequently the greatest way to handle it. Life coaches, wellness experts, and the Best Psychologist in India are part of the best EAP team of TalktoAngel is always ready to help and assist your organization and you. Seek online consultation with the best clinical psychologist in the event you are facing persistent fatigue, not able to focus, aggression, etc., in the event workplace, resulting in a lot of fights, arguments, and conflict with your partner, we suggest you seek consultation with Top Relationship Counsellor online.

Enhancing time management skills can be beneficial in addition to treating specific stress factors, particularly if you frequently feel pressured or overloaded at work. For instance:

Set attainable objectives: Set reasonable goals and deadlines in collaboration with your coworkers and supervisors. Make necessary goal adjustments based on regular progress reports.

Establish a priority list: Make a list of tasks and prioritize them in that order. Check your master list often during the day and complete things according to importance. If you don't have time to complete a task, say no.

Conserve your time: Set aside time to work on a project that is particularly important or challenging without interruptions. Additionally, divide big jobs into smaller steps.

You could feel as though your job is taking over your life when it's stressful. Keeping things in perspective

Get additional perspectives: Discuss the problems you're having at work and your feelings with dependable family members, friends, or coworkers. “Best Psychologists near me are able to give advice or solutions for coping. Sometimes the stressor might be relieved just by talking about it.

Go on a break: Utilize breaks during the workday. Even a brief period of alone during a hectic job can be reviving. Also, whenever you can, take time off, whether it's a two-week vacation or a rare long weekend. You'll have more energy when you get back to work if you take some time to unwind.

Have a venting outlet: Make time for enjoyable things, such as reading, getting together with friends, or engaging in a hobby, in order to avoid burnout. Consider journaling.

Ensure your own well-being: Be diligent in looking after your health. Get plenty of rest, engage in regular physical activity, and maintain a balanced diet. Try deep breathing, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and other relaxation techniques. Go take a walk outside.

Decide on limits: Try to take baby steps toward creating boundaries between work and your personal life, such as refraining from checking email on the weekends or in the evenings, closing your computer after work, or adhering to a set work schedule.

Consult a mental health professional or an Online Counsellor, either independently or through an employee assistance program provided by your employer, if none of the aforementioned measures help to reduce your symptoms of job stress or burnout. You can discover practical strategies to manage job stress through Online Counselling at TalktoAngel Asia’s No.1 mental health well-being platform.

Contributed by: Dr (Prof) R K Suri & Ms. Aditi Bhardwaj


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