Understanding and fighting Loneliness

Understanding and fighting Loneliness

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The term ‘loneliness’ is often associated with negative feelings and emotions. People refer to general solitude as “being lonely” but it isn’t so. Many people enjoy their own company or light social gathering. It is misleading to assume that we need to be social animals to be content in life. Social interaction is an important component in life, but it varies from person to person. Let’s understand the dynamics of ‘loneliness’.

  • Understanding Loneliness

Loneliness can be defined as a state of being or feeling when we do not receive the social interaction we seek. To put it more articulately, there’s a prevailing difference between our need of social interaction and the social interaction that we actually have. This necessarily does not mean that people with an active social life do not feel lonely. At times, people surrounded by groups, family members, friends may feel alone. On the other hand, people even in their own solitude may not feel this need to interact, or the need of socialization.

Humans are social animals; socialization is wired in our systems. However, this need varies from person to person. To come at a conclusion that you’re alone, or you’re lonely, it needs some introspection and reflection. To identify and understand this feeling is important and so is acting upon it. Research suggests that loneliness can have long term dire consequences on your wellbeing. It can perpetuate serious mental conditions like depression. Thus, taking care of feelings of loneliness is important.


  • What can you do to fight loneliness?
  1. Observe: Try to find out what causes these feelings, observe yourself and your surroundings. Think about what makes you feel lonely and make a list of times when you felt lonely.


  1. Understand that you’re not alone: If you’re feeling lonely and you think that this is how it’s going to be always, we assure you that it’s not. There are a lot of people who feel the same way. You’re a wonderful person just like all of them. Get out there and try to connect to someone, or seek help. It seems difficult, but it is worth the effort.

3. Bring the positive changes: Don’t rush into anything. Keep it simple, keep it slow. Try to incorporate little changes that will help you to avoid such feeling. Indulging in activities that seem fun to you is one way to go. You can also try something challenging.

4. Connect: It’s easier said than done, but it is an important step to fight loneliness. Try connecting with people you feel the most comfortable with. Try smaller but then continue to grow. Reciprocate connection, help and goodwill. This will also help you feel positive.

5. Seek Therapy: If the feelings are something that you’re unable to deal with yourself, there’s no harm in seeking professional help. You can explore different forms of therapy, counselors and practitioners. One can also consider online therapy for loneliness at platforms like TalktoAngel.


  • Understanding loneliness during COVID 19


With itself, COVID-19 bought lockdowns and isolation. While most of us would indulge in socialization via the many benefits of technology, some of us may not have enjoyed the same.  Notably, the isolation and social distance brought upon by the pandemic is compared to the state of loneliness. In most situations it is the true case. Families and loved ones living apart may feel so. The same is true for single people living in their bachelor pads. Moreover, the social hangout culture which was the gateway to unwind for most people has been takes away too. How can you escape the loneliness caused by COVID 19?


-Connect: While socially meeting other people may be restricted, why not make use of the many digital options that we have.

-Try something new: Trying something new and challenging may keep feelings of loneliness at bay.


-Stay active: Being lethargic may add up to feeling alone and perpetuate negative feelings. What we can do is resort to some form of physical activity to keep us fit and active.


-Seek comfort: Explore what makes you feel comfortable; seek comfort in forms of art such as music or in literature. Remember, comfort is an important game changer.

Now that you know what loneliness is and how to overcome it, we hope that you’re having a good time. In times of extreme distress and such feelings, feel free to contact mental health professionals. Remember, online therapy is also one option. Let us know what helps you to fight loneliness in the comments section below.


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