Dance your way to a Healthier Life: Benefits of Dance Therapy

Dance your way to a Healthier Life: Benefits of Dance Therapy

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Dance has been termed as a form of expression, a form of physical activity which bridges the mind, body and soul together. Rightly so, it leads to non verbal communication all the while producing active energy flow. It is an exercise of joy which opens new routes of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

You must have heard of art therapy, most people interchange the terms art therapy and dance therapy. While dance is a form of art, dance movement is a different and established therapeutic service which has various benefits. It is different from art therapy in the sense that it involves expressive movement and music.

What are the benefits of Dance/Movement Therapy?

1. Physical benefits:

Any form of physical activity boosts endorphins in brain which promotes feelings of elation and wellbeing. Results of dance therapy also lead to development in gross motor skills which can be beneficial for children and adults alike. Since dance includes total body engagement, it provides for enhanced functioning of various systems of body like respiration, blood circulation etc.

2. Emotional Expression:

Movement therapy is a great way to channel one's emotions. Emotions, thoughts and feelings which are difficult to be communicated in verbal communication often find their way through creative expression such as dance movement.

3. Improved Self-Esteem:

It provides for a positive and growth inducing environment. After dance therapy sessions, people usually feel elated and achieve a sense of accomplishment. This has been associated with improved self esteem.

4. Boosts Confidence:

Dance therapy involves active participation. This is why in various studies it has been linked to a boost in confidence.

5. Relieves Stress:

Any form of physical activity is considered good for stress relief. Rhythmic body movement which happens in dance therapy promotes energy exchange and impacts thought and feelings of individual positively. It also takes off our mind from all the stressful events, giving our brain and body to relax.

6. Improves Cognition:

Dance movement therapy fosters cognitive development and is particularly beneficial for children and older adults. It is known to impact a person's intelligence, creativity, memory and inhibits brain aging by promoting neuroplasticity.

7. Positive Body Image:

Experts believe that dance promotes physical self competence among individuals. Sense of self competence which is related to body image, promotes both physical and mental wellbeing. Involvement in dance movement therapy has a positive impact on one's perception of their body thereby promoting positive body image.

Dance Movement Therapy is a way of achieving a mind body rhythm. It promotes physical fitness and mental fitness in one package. The impact is not only limited to the above benefits but extends to increased feelings of self satisfaction, compassion, kindness and inner peace.

At TalktoAngel, while we strive to spread awareness about mental health wellness and provide online counselling for mental health, we simultaneously encourage people to adopt innovative methods and therapies boosting self well-being. 


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