Dear Father, We Care with Gift of Care

Dear Father, We Care with Gift of Care

June 18 2022 TalktoAngel 0 comments 542 Views

All my life, I knew,
What a great father looks like.
You taught me to live and laugh,
And to dream and dare.

Through ups and down,
And thick and thin,
I knew I could count on you.

For every win and each loss,
From bruised knees to bad grades.
You taught me to rally,
And champion me always.

The day I help my own kid,
I already knew what to do.
I saw the best dad and,
All I had to do is to be like you

I know you think
I cannot see past your plastered smile
I know about the challenges, the hardships
All through our life

Not much I can do
Other than to say
“Thank you!” and try to be just like you.

Parenting is a hard job and society often ignores role of a father. Their struggles and hardships are unseen and their involvement is generally considered only in monetary terms. In reality, father’s role in their child’s life is almost equal to mothers. They are awake when their child cries at night, they care for them when they are sick and invest hours in raising their children. The kind of relationship children have with their father and the kind of behaviour that a father shows, often models in child life’s. Father’s love, support, and care during pregnancy, make pregnancy go much smoother for both mother and the child. Father’s involvement in child’s life after the birth also lowers the chances of post partum depression.

During these times when work-life and house-hold chores are equally divided; fathers have even bigger responsibilities and more effective roles in their children’s life. This often results in fathers experiencing high level of stress, anxiety, and worries. These mental difficulties are ignored by societies and sometimes even by families. Due to the stigma around the male gender and the idea of “men don’t cry,” fathers often tend to bottle their feelings and do not tend to share their feelings. With the changing scenario and blurring gender roles, both mothers and fathers can have equal roles inside the household but the stereotype and stigmas around males and especially fathers, makes it difficult for them to deal with these issues.

Struggles of fatherhood and role of father in life of a child is often uncared. Dedicating this one day, in the form of Father’s Day, is not just a way to thank our fathers but to tell them that they are seen by the people around them. The idea behind celebrating father’s day is to remember the challenges and gifts that come with fatherhood. It is not only important to appreciate what they did for us and what they are constantly doing but also to acknowledge the sacrifices they have made. This also bring their mental health in the picture which is often ignored while taking care of their children and family.

On this father’s day, lets appreciate and acknowledge the sacrifices, struggles, love and care that we have received all our life and render them a ‘gift of care’ to tell them that we care and will be grateful for what they have done for us.

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