Depth Hypnosis

Depth Hypnosis

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It involves teachings of Buddhism and Psychology especially hypnotherapy. The main of the therapy is to help attain the state of meaningful transformation of mind, body and soul. Depth hypnosis therapy that is designed in a way that it helps people access their true selves and release problematic defenses. The therapeutic plan includes use of spiritual assessments and hypnotherapist, psychologist can help the person seeking therapy to explore, acknowledge and work-out deep-seeded issues in order to ensure healing and growth. It is a process that allows an individual to achieve mindfulness by exploring the situations that are creating obstacles to access personal power in order to begin their healing journey. Depth hypnosis addresses the deeper issues at the unconscious level which creates problems with emotional healing. In order to explore the unconscious mind, techniques of hypnotherapy and spiritual well-being can be used which works primarily on the belief that responses to trauma and stress are stored at an unconscious level and should be dealt in the same way and it is used to help individuals explore, address and resolve deep-rooted issues in order to promote healing and growth. Depth Hypnosis is an Eastern therapeutic practice and the treatment is designed to cover minimum of three sessions.

• During the FIRST SESSION, therapist asks the participants a set of questions for assessment regarding their emotional history and problems with the intention of evaluating the presenting concerns. Throughout the interview, the therapist will systematically record the participants’ responses. In order to create an emotional map. The map highlights symptoms, ego defence mechanism and strengths.

• In the following SECOND SESSION, therapist uses emotional map as baseline to guide the person seeking therapy on what they want to work on, At the beginning of this session, therapist often work with the transformed state of consciousness.

• In the last and the THIRD SESSION, therapist practice what is often known as “hypnotherapeutic regression.” This is the process of discovering what was the past states of being as it is believed that past situations and conflicts can be the cause of current problems and therapist can help people make a shift in their relationships so that it can help the person in reducing symptoms and fast track healing.


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