Developmental Model of Couples Therapy

Developmental Model of Couples Therapy

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It is a therapy designed as a part of relationship counselling. The primary goal of this therapy is different from other forms of relationship counselling. It to focuses on facilitating growth and development of the couple as individuals and as a unit. This therapy operates with the belief that long-term couple mature overtime by going through several but predictable development stages. Long-term relationships goes through five stages and they are—bonding, differentiation, practicing, rapprochement and synergy. Conflict may arise when couples are not able to manage a new developmental stage, for example, or when each partner is in a different stage. The therapist helps both the partners to realize the stages they are in currently and work through any problems and issues that the couple is facing. The main aim of the therapy is to help couple grow individually and as a unit and develop a stronger, mature emotional connection.


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