Does Counselling Be Helpful in Relationship?

Does Counselling Be Helpful in Relationship?

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Relationship counselling, also known as Couple therapy, or marriage counseling has grown in popularity as a form of therapy for couples. It is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on assisting people in improving their interpersonal relationships.

Relationship Counselling can be beneficial at any point in your relationship. It may appear to be a lifeline for your relationship because it improves communication and connections between partners. Working with a therapist can assist you in exploring your relationship, improving interactions, and resolving conflicts. Going to in-person or online couples therapy may be the most beneficial thing you can do for your relationship.

What Is the Role of a Relationship Counsellor?

A Relationship Counsellor can help you navigate your feelings and identify problems in your relationship. The Gottman Method, for example, is a type of relationship therapy that is commonly used to assist couples in working through relationship issues. The Gottman Method (based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory) views relationships as a hierarchy of needs and assists couples in working toward greater emotional closeness. Other approaches to couples therapy concentrate on childhood traumas and how they affect couples' relationships today (psychoanalytic relationship theory).

A relationship counsellor will also work with the couple to improve their relationship by addressing communication and conflict issues. Couples Therapy has its own ideologies and school of thought on how to improve romantic relationships and minimize couple conflicts.

Where Can I Find a Relationship Therapist?

Let's take a look at some of the things you should keep in mind when looking for a relationship therapist or relationship coach:

1. Look for therapists who specialize in couples therapy.

Couples therapy is not taught to all counselors. Those who specialize in couples therapy would be recommended in this case. There is a number of certified, experienced, and quality couple counselor in India at TalktoAngel you could choose from them.

2. Schedule a consultation with the best relationship therapists.

Finding the right match for you and your partner may be difficult. Take a pause from your busy schedule and book a session with a therapist before concluding that therapy isn't working for you. Inquire about things like:

  • Do you have any experience with couples therapy?
  • What are your thoughts on divorce?
  • Have you previously worked with couples dealing with similar issues?

3. Continue with therapy.

If you meet the above criteria, continue with therapy. It is evident from Reach that changes in relationships do not happen overnight; it normally takes time and effort from both partner. According to research, couples who stick with therapy see long-term improvements in their relationships.


Relationship Counselling: What to Expect

The first few sessions will be spent talking about your background and the issues you're hoping to resolve. When asked about your relationship, your parents, your childhood, and previous relationships, be prepared to discuss them all. For a while, your therapist may want to speak with each family member individually or in group sessions.

The counselling style and systematic approach of your therapist will determine how your therapy progresses. The most attention has been paid to emotionally focused relationship therapy (EFT). EFT promotes healthy interdependence between partners or family members and is based on attachment theory.                                                                                                                                            

Making Relationship Therapy effective

Therapy that works is a two-way street. It works not only because of the counselor’s skills and expertise but also because of the couple's willingness to work on themselves. There are some things you can do to help therapy work best for you and your partner.

  • Being Truthful                                                                                                                                                  

Doesn't that sound cliche? However, do not lie to your therapist. It is not your therapist's job to judge you, but rather to collaborate with you. It may be difficult to remain truthful about everything, but let us try.

  • Prepare Yourself for the Pain

Yes, you read that correctly. Therapy may be uncomfortable because the journey of discovering new truths about yourself is not always a happy one. Working on yourself entails putting in the effort, sitting with your discomfort, and focusing on areas that need improvement. Your therapist's ultimate goal is to assist you while you and your partner work.

  • Put in the effort

Putting in the time and effort is just as important as starting therapy. Your therapist may assign homework or ask you to practice specific techniques to improve your interactions with each other. Therapy is a process that may require more time and effort than you anticipated. But keep in mind that it is worthwhile. Yes, it is, and it will transform your life.


Finally, don't expect your therapist to be a wizard who can solve all of your problems in a single session. According to Dr(Prof) R K Suri, leading relationship coach and advocate, “Consulting early on, working on yourself, discovering new truths, and being honest are just a few things that can help you through this process in most of the successful cases, that has saved the families”.


When Should You Seek Relationship Counselling?

It can be difficult to tell if you need Relationship Counselling, but if you feel a lack of interest in each other or talk less, it's time to see an Online Counsellor. The relationship requires actual communication, and if it is lacking between the partners, something needs to be addressed. There's one more thing to consider. Passive aggression isn't something most therapists would consider healthy if you're acting passive aggressively toward each other. If you can't talk to your partner about what's bothering you, it's a barrier in your relationship and may indicate that you need to see a counsellor. Finally, if you're considering leaving, it's a sure sign that your relationship is in trouble. It is strongly advised in this case to seek the services of a professional therapist. Connect with TalktoAngel, an Online Counsellingplatform, if you are looking for "Best Psychologist near me".

How Can I Identify a Good Relationship Counsellor?

If you're looking for an Online Relationship Counsellor, you should look for certain indicators, such as

  • They are attempting to listen to you and your partner objectively.
  • You both feel validated
  • They care about you and your relationship.
  • They check in with both of you on a regular basis.
  • If they are unsure about something, they take the time to learn about it. 
  • You both regard them as an ally.
  • They've earned both of your trust.
  • They communicate well.

If you're wondering, "Who is the best psychologist near me?"TalktoAngel India's no. 1 Online Therapy and Mental Health Wellbeing Platform can assist you to manage your relationship issues.


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