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It is also known as nature therapy and green therapy. This therapy works on the belief that human psyches (mind) are not separated from the physical environment. The primary element of ecopsychology is the connection of individual to earth. It is believed that earth has power of self-righting and it helps in integrating balance and improving mental health. The benefits of nature result not from what people see and from what they experience through other senses as well. Eco-therapy helps people recover faster from stress as by exposing them to sounds of nature instead of noise. Fragrances (especially fruit and food) when inhaled by hospitalized patients, results in reduced self-reports symptoms of depressive mood. Children who are diagnosed with behavioural problems shows reduced symptoms after spending time in green environment. The presence of animals in the care facilities of geriatrics patients helps in reducing aggression and agitation. Nature meditation, horticultural therapy and animal-assisted therapy are some common techniques that are used in ecotherapy.


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