Feminist Therapy

Feminist Therapy

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A therapeutic approach designed to primarily deal with the issues regarding women. It is used to deal with several hardships that females suffer from the time they are born and face them throughout their lives. In therapy, females and other marginalized groups tries to address any limitation that they experience because of the social and political status that is often imposed upon them. with the help of a mental health professional, they try to examine the situation and explore some solutions to help them with mental health needs and also to work toward social change.
Feminist therapy was later expanded to be used with other marginalised groups like homosexuals, people with colour, bisexuals and gender variant individuals. It is also used with differently-abled individuals and other fraction of people who have experienced social, political and economic oppression of any kind. Every individual in the aforementioned groups have experienced systematic oppression and victimisation. Feminist therapy is not a social movement. The intent of the therapy is to bring the change in the social, political and personal life of the person seeking therapy.
It is a person centric therapy which includes treatment within the cultural and political frame-work. The ideologies of feminist therapeutic design include: Personal and political context, to help in bringing and advocating for social change, Value of diverse perspectives, egalitarian relationship, social support and recognising various kinds of oppression. Initially this therapy was designed with the view point of women helping women but nowadays it is used for couples and families. Techniques that are commonly used in the course of therapy include:
• Self-disclosure
• Analysis of gender role
• Power analysis
• Reframing
• Social action


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