Free Online Counselling & Therapy : The good and the bad

Free Online Counselling & Therapy : The good and the bad

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Online Counselling can take form in various ways, these include tele-counselling, chat counselling, via email, video conferencing etc. Therapy and counselling through video/voice calling has proven to be quite effective, affordable and comfortable. Nowadays many counseling websites provide free online counselling and therapy in India, but is free mental health services worth and quality driven? Free online counselling and therapy should come with some relief as therapy services have always been considered expensive. But is it actually so? Not entirely, some of the counseling websites are credible and provide quality online therapy at affordable rates.
Free Online Counselling & Therapy: What’s the catch?

While some good NGOs, successful therapists, government initiatives provide pro bono services dedicated to specific areas of concerns as well. During the Covid times the Central Government had launched free helpline number for tele-consultation. Though there exist such free resources,  but these services aren’t many. Furthermore, these services are only for people in severe need with no means to afford therapy and allied healthcare. They at times have a long waiting line ranging from 3 months to 12 months. Well, one can’t delay mental healthcare for so long.

To understand the concept of counselling and therapy, one needs to acknowledge and know that, therapy is not a day’s job, it takes time. Jumping or changing counseling platforms shall not help to achieve a quick and better solution. Users who generally seek free counselling display such trait, which doesn’t help in long solution towards the issue faced.

The main concern that surrounds for most people is that, counselling and therapy is the cost involved, but one must acknowledge that the charges for a counselling session with a trained and experienced therapist come from years of education, experience and expertise of the therapists. Yes! it could be expensive, but nothing is more important than your health!

In case you are facing financial issues, it's better to get in touch with therapists providing a sliding scale option instead of free services. Sliding scale is when any service is provided at a discounted rate depending on the need, struggles and urgency of the client.  Even better, you can book a session with therapists whose session fees are low, affordable and pocket friendly. Out of any such online counselling websites can help, one such is TalktoAngel. TalktoAngel provides for affordable, comfortable and confidence expert counseling services.

Online Counselling Services with the Best Psychologists in India

TalktoAngel is an online counseling website that provides quality therapy and other mental health services online. The counseling website can help you connect with the top psychologists in India who are qualified and experienced professionals. The online counseling fee at TalktoAngel starts with as low as INR 400 uptil INR 4000 depending upon the online counselor you chose. With all the therapist qualifications and expertise, client ratings and feedbacks available online you can make an informed decision and select the therapist of your own choice.

At TalktoAngel, online therapy is totally at the user’s comfort and discretion. An user could easily choose his/her mode of online therapy- voice/video or online chat counselling through TalktoAngel’s self-curated platform. The counselling website always value user’s confidentiality as the first priority, thus the platform conducts all online sessions without usage of any third party platform or medium.

Along with counselling and therapy, there are many other services. One could avail the free self-assessment exercises and take the first step of self-introspection and understand their mental health concerns. To help you understand what services you need, you can check out the Areas of Expertise section. Areas of expertise include psychological issues that TalktoAngel’s professionals have successfully dealt with. You can reach out to help for issues ranging from depression to anxiety, from anger to addiction.

At TalktoAngel, one could avail online therapy in following forms:

?    Individual Online Therapy;
?    Relationship Consultation;
?    Online Psychiatric Consultation;
?    Corporate Wellness Programs.

Get in touch with the Best Therapists in India and Online Counsellors

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