This Friendship’s Day, Let your Friendship Heal with Friendship Therapy

This Friendship’s Day, Let your Friendship Heal with Friendship Therapy

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“Some people go to priests. Others to poetry. I, to my friends.” Virginia Woolf in this quote, definitely put together the importance of friends in her life. It is not only true for her but for all of us. Friendships are an irreplaceable part of our lives. These are long lasting and fulfilling relationships. Friendships are a source of happiness, compassion, a sense of belongingness. Unlike familial relationships, these are the relationships we form on our own in the world.

Sometimes, friendships can be damaged too. When they are damaged, our lives do take a hit. It is something about friends, when we lose one, or feel distant with a friend, life doesn’t feel the same again. Also, having healthy friendships means having reliable support in your life. So just like other relationships in life, we must take care of our friendships too. In such cases, you can benefit from friendship therapy.

Why are friendships important?

-Emotional Support: Friends provide invaluable emotional support when we are in distress. Having a shoulder to cry on when needed is very important. Having someone to share our secrets, happy and bad moments with, is truly a blessing.

-A sense of belongingness: Having a group of friends provides us with a comfort we can seldom find elsewhere. It's a group of people we identify with, who contribute to who we are as a person. These feelings of belongingness keep loneliness at a bay.

-Quality of Life: Your friends fill you up with a purpose in life. From providing advice, to sharing memories to making you happy, friends contribute more to your life than you know. They help be grateful, compassionate and kind in life.

What causes bitterness in your friendships?

-Unresolved conflicts: Every relationship has its ups and downs. Friends have their set of conflicts too. Maybe you’re upset that your friend wasn’t there when you needed them to be. Such instances may lead to conflicts. However, instead of avoiding your friends, you should try resolving such issues.

-Jealousy: Being jealous of another individual is a basic human tendency. It's not uncommon to be jealous of your friends, siblings or an acquaintance for some reason. You should not let these feelings interfere in your relationship.

-Interpersonal differences: These differences can range from political opinions to financial standing, from talent to looks and what not. To have healthier relationships and friendships, both persons would rise above such differences.

-Trust Issues: Trust forms the heart of any relationship. If you can’t trust someone, it's likely that you’ll never share a healthy bond with them. Maybe you should try to build friendships only with people you trust or invest your trust in friends.

Can counselling help you fix your friendships?

Counselling can help you improve any of your relationships, be it your friendship, family relations or intimate ones. Expert counselling can help you resolve your severed ties with your beloved friend. Not only that, it also leads to self-imporevment and makes you resilient in tough times. With expert counselling you can also learn how to have healthier and happier relationships. 

When you take friendship therapy, you grow into a better friend. You are empowered to become an active listener and companion for your friend. Simultaneously, you can heal from your own issues and achieve personal goals.

Role of TalktoAngel to make your friendship bond “Stronger”?

TalktoAngel is an online counselling website providing different types of counselling service. It provides quality online counselling services for mental health from the best psychologists in India. Relationships issues, friendship therapy are TalktoAngel’s areas of expertise. Their services are not only affordable but reliable, solution oriented, comfortable and helpful.

We believe that every relationship is important. On this friendship day, make your friends feel loved. Tell us how you plan to do it in the comments section


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