Handle 'Heart Breaks like a Pro

Handle 'Heart Breaks like a Pro

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Bollywood has always been a portray to ‘perfect love’ with the love stories ending with a “Happily Ever After”. However, in reality, the story is bit different than the fairy tale descriptions. And when the reality moves away from the fairy tale descriptions, some people find ways to move beyond it while some people dwell on it as if; their whole world is torn apart, we feel confused, angry, heartbroken. Such a moment makes an individual vulnerable and intense. Heartbreaks often lead to depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, that is why we must process it and heal ourselves. Here are few strategies that might be of help in reclaiming your power, recovering yourself, including your self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem: 

1. Don't Fight with Your Feelings &a Personalize the Loss:

Break-ups are often accompanied by numerous powerful and negative feelings, including sadness, anger, confusion, resentment, jealousy, fear and regret. On the off chance that you attempt to overlook or suppress these emotions, you will probably just delay the normal healing process, so it is essential to process your feelings. One should not personalize the loss. It is normal after a separation to blame yourself, however, make an effort not to personalize the loss for excessively long. A significant part of the pain of separation comes from dwelling the choices to be as your fault and regretting the decisions you made while in the relationship. This cycle of self-blame can go on
unendingly if you let it. 

2. Get Back Into A Routine and Prioritize Primary Self-Care:

Since experiencing a break-up can cause a feeling of disturbance in numerous parts of your life. Albeit all the surrounding situations, getting back to schedules soon after the initial blow can help calm you down and give you a returning feeling of control. This includes your basic routines of sleeping, eating, working and exercising. It is important to understand that “one needs to love themselves first”.

3. Talk to your Loved Ones:

Discussing your feelings with your loves ones has always been a good option to express your emotions and vent out the feelings.. As we converse with our loved ones, we can come to some new understandings and smoothen a portion of our pain. 

4. Seek Professional Help:

Going through a break-up can prompt stress, anxiety, and depression. Regardless of the circumstance, toward the end of relationship, an individual may feel sad, angry, confused, or in any case, genuinely affected by everything that has happened. This internal strife is also felt by the partner who needed or asked to break-up. Thus, in order to overcome these emotions post break-up one could resort to professional counselling therapy as a viable option. In therapy, an individual can talk about any feelings or troubles experienced and explore approaches to cope up the negative emotions. A therapist can help address any blame or self-accuse that might be experienced and help individual reach terms with the cut-off of the relationship. Similar to physical therapy, online therapy for relationship and break-up might help individuals get professional help. Especially during the current times of ‘lockdown’, one could avail this online therapy for relationship and break-up and seek professional help. Therapy allows one to understand the situation better from a third-person’s unbiased prespective and seek solution for a better growth and further development. The key is to practice being a happy adapter. In other words, we must accept that change is part of our lives and we learn to adapt rather than fighting it because when we refuse the change, we are choosing a path of suffering. Although break-ups are painful, everyone must always look on the bright side of every situation. Giving yourself time to heal is also essential.


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seems like someone stole my words from my mouth, felt so connected to this post.

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