Handle heart breaks like a pro


Handle heart breaks like a pro

Bollywood is our guide to perfect love. Many movies portray the main characters falling in love, going through some ups and downs which ends in a happily ever after. However, in reality, we find a relationship and sometimes that falls apart. When that happens, some people find a way to move beyond it while some people dwell on it as if; their whole world is torn apart.

Here are few strategies that might be of help in reclaiming your power, recovering yourself including your self- confidence, self- worth and self- esteem.

  1. Forget about moving on as it moving away from your beloved before you are ready only increases your distress, where you are right now is precisely where you belong.
  2. Face your grief as it is tempting to avoid grief, express it rather than keeping it inside and wallowing over it
  3. To move through the grieving process: stop overthinking get out of your head.
  4. Focus on positive thoughts and people around you
  5. Take one day at a time and remember that you are much stronger than this. 

The key is to practice being a happy adapter. In other words, we must accept that change is part of our lives and we learn to adapt rather than fighting it because when we refuse the change we are choosing a path of suffering.

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