Why is a Healthy Sibling Relationship Important for Your Children's development?

Why is a Healthy Sibling Relationship Important for Your Children's development?

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During a child’s development, family dynamics play a major role in their socio-emotional, personal and academic development. Sibling relationships form an integral part of this family dynamics. These relationships are one of the longest relationships a person has in their lives. The impact siblings have on each other is quite important. Children’s relationships with each other also contribute to the overall family structure and personal growth. This Raksha Bandhan, let’s understand the importance of healthy sibling relationships.

Why are Sibling Relationships so important?

-A foundation for future healthy relationships

Research has found that people with hostile relations at home during their early ages tend to have hostile and toxic relationships as they grow up. Stable, healthy relationship in the family lays the foundation for a person’s future relationships, especially intimate ones.

-Contributes to the cognitive development

Siblings are in constant presence of each other, especially when they’re young. They observe and learn from each other. While making decisions, during play and other combined activities, they make decisions considering each other. They understand perspective taking. These things simultaneously contribute to their cognitive development.

-Promotes Social Growth

With a sibling around, a person has a daily social exchange which is different from parent interaction and more like peer engagement. These social emotional interactions on a regular basis establishes a foundation for strong social growth. However, established relationships can do more harm than good.

-Learning Coexisting

Coexisting refers to how to adjust with others. Children raised alone often find it difficult to navigate life by adjusting with others. Whereas at times, people with warmer and more cordial relationships with their siblings grow up to be more amicable, warm. They are open to change, cooperation and sharing with others.

-Socio-emotional support

Growing together provides a sound basis for trustworthy relationships. In life we all need relationships to fall on in times of distress. Some siblings grow up to become best friends as well. Healthy sibling relationships create a strong socio emotional support. They also promote pro social behavior, empathy, trust and cooperation.

What harm a hostile sibling relationship does?

Some studies have found that uncomfortable sibling relationships, those characterized by bullying, hostility, jealousy, power play etc. have a negative impact. Sibling bullying has been linked to depression, anxiety and antisocial behavior. Such relationships interfere with healthy development. These relationships can leave a deeper impact such as on education, career goals, social and personal life. In such cases parents should consider child and adolescent counselling or family counselling.

As a parent how can you promote healthy sibling relationships at home?

Parents are the beam of light which guides their children in life. With the right efforts and help from parents, children can develop healthy sibling relationships.

-Provide a space at home for your children to talk. Children should be able to talk about everything with their parents as well as their siblings. This can only happen if parents make that safe space available at home.

-Parents should promote communication, cooperation among children with the help of team tasks, helping each other.

-Parents should avoid comparisons between siblings whether academic or otherwise. Such comparison leads to unhealthy competition among each others, feelings of jealousy and increased hostility among them. 

-Parents shouldn’t treat their children differently. Whether on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender that they identify with, achievements, social life, favoritism or different treatment can be wuite harmful. These instances can impair a child’s self esteem and impact how they look at themselves.

We know dealing with children can be difficult. Parenting is a full time job with its own challenges. When it gets too tough, parents should talk to parenting professionals. They can also seek guidance for their children in the form of online child counselling, adolescent counselling or online family counselling. Online counselling services are available at one of the best online counselling sites in India- TalktoAngel with quality rest assured. Their team of top Indian psychologists provide for best online therapy. This Raksha Bandhan, make sure your children have a stable healthy sibling relationship.


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