This Holi Color your life: Holi and Mental Health

This Holi Color your life: Holi and Mental Health

March 29 2021 TalktoAngel 0 comments 1475 Views

Last year during this time, the entire nation observed one of the strictest lockdowns executed globally to curb the covid-19 virus, much has changed since then. Our ways of life changed, from our workspaces to our relationships. We went from celebrating festivals with our extended families, friends and relatives to just our close family. Some of us celebrated with our family, some of us with our friends, some people away from home and alone and some in the hospital wards. While working from home, festivals weren’t as fun as they used to be, and we fairly blamed the pandemic, disturbed work life balance, uncertainty and fear would only let the negatives creep in. However, we’re humans and we adapt fast. This ability gives us way for being resilient, survival and living with the times. On the occasion of Holi, we would like you to reflect and color your life in a way that will help us all lead happier and healthier lives.

This Holi, color your emotions

Our emotions are an integral part of our “self”. They impact almost everything we do. Happier and positive emotions have been linked to better social lives, intimate and close relationships, success in professional lives and provides s with a greater sense of self. So this Holi, do not forget to color your happy emotions bright red and open the window for the sad ones.

This Holi, color your thoughts

Our thoughts make the gateway to our mind. Having positive thoughts makes us resilient, and is linked to better mental health. People with a positive outlook seldom spend time overthinking and indulging in self harm behaviors. Positive thoughts are linked to increased self esteem and self concept. We are you all to color your positive thoughts bright blue and color your negative ones plain white.

This Holi, color your actions

What we feel and what we think reflects directly or indirectly in our actions. Kindness, empathetic actions are not only good for the person indulging in them but for the entire world. Such actions provide the bliss of giving. It is believed that kindness, love and empathy can increase confidence, happiness, optimism and provide a sense of control. This remembers to color your kind actions yellow and shower some cold water on your unkind ones.

This Holi, color your relations

Our relationships make an integral part of our life. Our social and intimate connections have a huge impact on our mental health. People who have healthy and satisfying relationships characterised with trust have lower levels of anxiety and depression. They also tend to have higher levels of self esteem and a sense of belonging. This Holi, color your healthy relations lush pink and show the way out to the toxic ones. 

This Holi, color your health

Coming to the most important part of our wellbeing, our health. It is imperative that we take care of our health. It's not rocket science. Having a healthy sleep schedule, a balanced diet, and hydrating oneself are key to achieving health goals. The most important takeaway here is, color your physical health, socio emotional health and mental health green.

We wish you all a Happy Holi! Stay safe, play safe, and follow all COVID-19 norms for your and loved ones’ safety. Let us know how you plan celebrate Holi this year in the comments section below.


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