How to Deal With Job Insecurity?

How to Deal With Job Insecurity?

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Job insecurity is the primary mental health concern for the longevity of your work in the coming years. This could result from various factors like a shift in the economy, a shifting market, or even what employees have endured during the recent outbreaks - that can lead to layoffs, reductions in size, outsourcing, or even closing of businesses. This could also result from a corporate shake-up due to new leadership or merger or takeover. Job insecurity is common among temporary, seasonal and part-time employees, also in the case of freelance and contractual employees.

Insecurity in the workplace is becoming more prevalent in the present due to the ever-changing nature of the employment market. According to Prof(Dr) R K Suri Management Consultant and Psychologist "job for the rest of your life" isn't something you can count on anymore. It is becoming more common to have more than one job simultaneously and being able to change jobs quickly and easily to a related or different job. Moonlighting is increasing, due to job demands and also insecurities.

The fear of losing a job has been an area of anxiety and stress for employees, and has led many to suffer from symptoms of depression. However, the number of employees being anxious about their work increased to record levels in the course of the pandemic. The intensity and speed of the disruptions left many employed feeling uneasy and anxious. Even though many are returning to work, and an increase in the percentage of unemployment, the anxiety and frustration, and stress from job insecurity remains high for many.

Take Care of Yourself

The pressure of uncertainty and fear can be a drain on your mental and physical well-being. It's increasingly important to ensure your health during these challenging times. It is essential to remain positive and optimistic and work to keep your body and your mind well-balanced and healthy. A few things you can try include:

  • Develop Healthy Habits and Adopt Healthy Lifestyles: Food we eat and our thoughts significantly influence our mood as well as other power of decision-making. Therefore, try to eat a balanced and healthy diet as well as engage in activities that help relieve stress. Regular exercise and practice of meditation or yoga can maintain your mental strength and aid in managing stress better.
  • Show Your Competence and Know Your Value: Professional workers strive to be at their best every time and finish each task with the utmost commitment. But, they can be extremely unmotivated when they think that the company could be able to let you go. It is important to know your strengths and be aware of the fact that you can do more than you did in the event that something doesn't succeed. You'll be happy that you have demonstrated exceptional abilities and efficiency, and it can be helpful when you are looking for an offer for a new job, especially if employers might provide an excellent recommendation letter to you.
  • Stay updated and fresh. Stay on track and continue to learn. You can empower yourself by continually expanding and enhancing your skills and knowledge. Make sure you are improving your English constantly. Communication skills are essential in every job. There is no reason to feel comfortable about their job regardless of whether it's an established one. One of the best ways to remain in the right place is by being flexible and skilled.
  • Open yourself to new opportunities: Consider job openings within the company you work for. Find out if there are any other departments that could benefit from your talents. If there aren't any internal job openings, do a job search on a regular basis during your spare time or during the weekends? Make sure to network through seminars, job fairs and symposiums. Make sure you keep the information on your LinkedIn Profile and Resume current. Make sure your resume is ready to go at any time so you are able to quickly submit your resume for any job that comes up.
  • Save money: Maintaining oneself financially healthy and in good shape is the most effective option at any time. It is important to stay away from the money crisis. Making money is given the top priority. Set up fixed deposits or and recurring accounts to help save money. Avoid large purchases at times of stress due to job insecurity. This is when you need to identify your strengths in these areas. If you realize that this is a field which you are proficient in enhance your abilities or upgrade your knowledge, take a few crash courses and find out how your skills can be rewarded. In addition to yoga, taking retail therapy classes can assist you in relaxing during a crisis at work, but it is not the best solution for the issue at all.
  • Make your own strategy and keep track of the hours you work: Allocate adequate hours throughout the day to develop your capabilities. Your abilities will improve your confidence. Do what you are passionate about. A passion or hobby is the most rewarding job you can pay for.

If you find you aren't equipped with the necessary skills, you must to practice these abilities and rebuild confidence in yourself. Additionally, you should be able to connect with your colleagues to discuss why and what areas you've not been able to cover and what you can do to improve your areas of weakness. Additionally, you must be able how to deal with stress.

Insecurity at work has a wide-ranging impact and can result in a significant cost to your mental health and physical health. Anxiety or burnout caused by job uncertainty can affect our mental health as well as our general well-being in ways that show symptoms of sleep disorders as well as inability to handle anger, substance use or weight increase, heart diseases, depression, and even some case self-violence.

Find a professional psychologist or counsellor

It is not necessary to be in the midst of breakdown to seek help from Online counsellors. It is also possible to seek out an expert in your career. In terms of looking after yourself, don't hesitate to seek help from the Best Psychologist in India should you require help. A lot of people have issues with their mental health because of their work-related responsibilities. it's not just you. If you're struggling, speak to a workplace psychologist or an expert in mental health via online counselling to discuss what you can do about this. If you are HR Manager on in leadership position in your organisation, avail services of best EAP service provider in India  to identify the employees who are feel insecure, anxious provide them EAP Counselling, you will find significant improvement in productivity.

Contributed by: Dr (Prof) R K Suri Clinical Psychologist and Utkarsh Yadav


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