How to practice Mindfulness?

How to practice Mindfulness?

June 09 2021 Ms. Urja Dhagia 0 comments 1639 Views

Mindfulness is the state of conscious awareness. It includes being aware about the present state of the mind, body and environment. Mindfulness practice focuses on living in the present to the exclusion of any thoughts that relates to the past or the future.

Take a read through few methods for practicing Mindfulness:


To practice one of the most common and effective mindfulness exercise, indulge yourself in the art of meditation. Take out some time and space from your daily routine. Try to find the most comfortable sitting position. Correct your posture. Try to clear your head from all the stressful thoughts and focus on your breath. You can also try to partake in relaxation breathing, this will help you in calming your nerves. Make sure that you're taking deep breaths. You can keep doing so for 30-40 minutes. Mindfulness meditation can be anywhere between 10-45 minutes to be effective. When you're nearing the end make your breaths longer and reduce the speed of your breathing to come to a lower pace. Finally you can end with slowly opening your eyes.


Mindful journaling help you explore yourself. Once you get started in penning down your feelings, you'll feel an open flow where you don't have to think about the next sentence, but some form of self guidance is needed. You can try asking yourself why you're feeling a certain way, when do you particularly have these feelings etc. One key aspect of mindful journaling is reflection. Reflect upon your feelings, introspect. Write down all conflicting thoughts, confused feelings, and curious questions. All of it will help you grow and heal.


Mindfulness walking can help you tap the unknown. It’s the mental and physical way to be mindful. What you need to do is focus on the physical act of walking, noticing the trees on both sides of the road, feeling the gentle breeze. It’s easier to focus in the present hike walking. What's important here is to differentiate it from your traditional morning walk, jogging. It is calm, slow paced, thoughtful walking.

What is central to all the three mindful practices is consistency. Consistent mindfulness practice can help you achieve kindness, compassion, gratitude, attain work-life balance, provide relief from stress, feeling of anxiety and depression.

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Start your mindfulness practice, and let us know how it’s going for you guys.


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