How your childhood matters

How your childhood matters

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Mostly we are unaware of our childhood and its effect on ourselves. Many of us tend to report that we have had a ‘good childhood’ even if we have some toxic experience. Often, what happened to them many years ago is why they are seeking counseling today.

These stressful events referred to as Adverse Childhood Experience (ACES) and it includes divorce, parental separation, alcoholism in the house, physical and emotional abuse, etc. Researchers have displayed that at both the prevalence and the profound impact of stressful childhood on physical and mental health in adulthood. Moreover, these experiences are found across socioeconomic status. The majority of people who are often caught by our justice system have a history of childhood abuse and neglect. However, this epidemic does not discriminate; ACES are quite common among all races and socioeconomic classes.

Some of these experiences can cause a lifetime of mental and physical health problems that often manifest in adulthood. It includes an inability to sleep soundly, difficulty concentrating and increased depression. it is also linked to health issues such as cancer, stroke, irritable bowel syndrome, and skeletal fractures. Behavioral consequences include increased adult suicidal ideation, sexual promiscuity, and alcohol or substance abuse.

Do not negate something just because you feel it happened years ago. Address your issues through Psychotherapy, counseling and traditional talk therapy.


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