This Independence Day, get Freedom from Post-Covid Grief & Loss: Seek help from Online Counselling

This Independence Day, get Freedom from Post-Covid Grief & Loss: Seek help from Online Counselling

August 15 2021 TalktoAngel 0 comments 1099 Views

Our 75th Independence day is here. But the 75th year of Independence has been challenging, mostly because of COVID 19. COVID 19 pandemic was and is still one of the most unprecedented challenges humankind has faced this century. As it has intensified the struggles of survival, finances, relationships have been affected. When entire systems in different countries were failing, many households lost their loved ones. Out of all the challenges every individual had to face, the worst was either having the virus, seeing a loved one suffer or losing a loved one.  The COVID grief has been different and difficult. With restrictions in place finding emotional and social support has been difficult, funeral rites have been compromised.

How can you overcome grief?

1. The first step of dealing with grief is accepting your loss. It takes time, take your time. Acceptance helps your mind to adapt to the loss.

2. While going through something as challenging as grief, it is important to communicate. Yes, it can be difficult but it helps you in understanding and expressing your feelings. Also, by connecting to someone, you have an emotional support you can count on.

3. Try to keep away from denial or regret. It's not surprising that we blame ourselves or regret the loss of someone. The important thing is we should not let these feelings overpower us.

4. Seek mental healthcare. Grief can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it may take us too long or may seem too heavy. Those are signs that we need help with it. Therapy can help us in moving on.

Can counselling help with grief and loss?

Grief counselling can help you move on from your loss. It helps you regain or find meaning in life. While in counselling, you can process through the stages of grief. It is not to forget what you have lost, rather accept the truth and grow as a person. Often, counselling for grief helps you overcome the guilt associated with the grief. You can learn how to understand and express your emotions healthily.

TalktoAngel, is the best online counselling website in India providing, online grief counselling. Their panel of top therapists, counselors, life coaches have dealt with similar cases of grief and loss successfully. They ensure that their online services are at par with conventional therapy. You can find your way at the tip of your fingers and speak to a therapist at your comfort. With TalktoAngel, let go of your grief this Independence Day.


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