Is Angry Sex Healthy for Relationship?

Is Angry Sex Healthy for Relationship?

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What is meant by Angry Sex?

An Angry sex is the sexual engagement of pent-up emotions and passion during sexual acts that's often wild, intense and sometime painful.

Couple engaging in angry sex are mostly in relationships, and angry sex happens after a massive fight with high emotions, or it could be initiated hours or days after in the form of 'makeup sex.' Sometimes an angry sex may replace discussing issues.

Why does Angry Sex happen?

It may be difficult to imagine being in the mood for having sex when you’re raging mad or find something haunting, but angry sex happens for a few reasons. Prof (Dr) R K Suri Best Marriage Counsellor & Sexologist, an angry sex is used as a physical means to overcome interpersonal tension amongst couple, “Is an expression of intense emotions arising out of difficult conversations”. Angry sex may be on account avoidance in some cases, and serve as an escape from painful emotions. Anger at time is an aphrodisiac, it propel your blood flowing, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure, also increases your testosterone levels, which are directly linked to sexual arousal. 

What Does Angry Sex Look Like?

Jess O’Reilly, PhD, resident sexologist at ASTROGLIDE explains angry sex might involve:

  1. Holding an argument to be physically sexual. 

  2. Sexual activities away from your norm Spontaneity

  3. Feeling relief of tension, relaxed, satisfied and rational post-sex;

  4. Altered states of arousal 

What makes it different from ‘regular’ sex?

Angry sex is often propelled by an intense emotions and an adrenaline rush — both of which may make it easier to step out of comfort zone when it comes to sex and often disrupt boundaries, or make ways doing sex differently.  Thus, angry sex is more about acting on your desires and urges and less about romance. In most cases, angry sex is a departure from the normal practice. Sometime it could be liberating to try something new and exciting to keep the spark alive.

Is Angry Sex Consensual 

Consent is essential for healthy sexual life, for angry sex, it is essential that partners  involved sexually, consent  to sexual acts, as angry sex may turn out to be nasty, wild, and crazy, it's good  to be doubly sure that your partner is comfortable and OK at all times, else it may legal ramifications.

Dr (Prof) R K Suri, a top rate clinical psychologist, marriage advocate, "Consent for sexual intimacy and wild passion is essential for safe, exciting performance and active participation by both partners.  If you are facing sexual assault, you can contact counsellor’s at Best online Counselling platform for better mental health”.

Is Angry Sex same as makeup sex?

The answer to it is yes sometimes, “Sexual intimacy happening after a major fight could be seen as makeup sex as a technique to repair the rupture and connect with partner after a fight,” In case one of the partner is not keen in make up or isn’t engaged in sex, an angry sex may than go on a different tangent and become highly risky.

Is it possible to have Angry Sex with Anyone?

Yes. As one could have randomly sex with a stranger, one is free to do so when one is upset. However, angry sex is riskier with random person as the stakes are higher, one is physically and emotionally inviting a stranger into one’s life

Is Angry Sex Ever Successful?

Seeking partner’s opinion about how comfortable and how they enjoy during the sex is a yardstick for it success.  Evaluating one’s own feeling and experience is also important success indicator. Angry is not for making things better in relationship. 

Rightful conversation is the best option to identify and resolve relationship issues, in the event you and your partner are not able to navigate together,  Couple Counselling is a right option to choose Best couple counsellors.

It is suggested not to push or use angry sex as a replacement strategy to overcome relationship jitter, angry sex may become an addiction and may be harmful for everyone involved.

How to Make Comfortable Angry Sex?

An angry sex could be a healthy technique to kindle a spark in relationship if one going through a rough patch. 

  1. Healthy Communication: Before starting the sexual intimacy, the idea of angry sex communication about the rough patch in relationship is vital, solicit the consent and explore the preferences of partner. In the event partner refuses to give consent, then respect the decision. When both the partner want to explore and experiment, then only one should go ahead at the appropriate time. 

  2. Defining Boundaries: During angry sex, it is common to have intercourse that is rougher than usual. Tie up with cord during sex, physical pain, domination, etc., are more prevalent in angry sex. At times, angry sex could become excessively painful, uncomfortable and hurtful. Thus, defining clear cut boundaries in the bedroom and practicing them is crucial for angry sex.

  3. Intuitive Thinking: Develop the intuitive process, how, where and when to have angry sex. Sometimes things might be too serious. Gauging the mood of partner is essential before approaching for any sexual advances.

  4. Post-sex Aftercare: Sex was just the gateway for closeness during a time of discomfort in the relationship; this is just the beginning, after an intense sex a serious discussion about the problems that led to angry sex. Post sex engage in soft intimacy with your partner and talk things out in a caring and affectionate manner.

Have a healthier relationship (outside of sex): It’s an umbrella statement, includes efforts towards improving the relationship amongst partners. Healthy communication is important for good intimate life, better professional life, etc., is useful for living a richer, healthier sexual relationship happier & meaningful life with your partner, it foster bonding.


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