Is Your Marriage In Trouble? 20 Common Problems That Couple Face

Is Your Marriage In Trouble? 20 Common Problems That Couple Face

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Marriages are tough and people tend to face a lot of problems. Couples work hard to be a part of this courtship and sometimes they forget how hard they worked or that they need to keep on working so that small troubles do not become big fights. These big fights stemmed onto very small day to day differences in opinion can be the reason that your marriage will stop working.

These day to day difference that is affecting your married life can be –

1. Money and finances

Couples most often fight over their spending and savings. The collective debt that has piled up or the individual debts before their marriage. If one person in the relationship has a low-income job and the other one has expensive taste, the difference in opinion about the spending can cause problems.

2. Sexual life

Frequency, quantity, and quality of a couple’s sexual performance should be satisfying for both the partners. Disharmony in marriage can occur when one spouse tries to withhold sex to punish the other or if one spouse has an affair outside marriage. Another problem married couples face is the loss of libido and difference in sexual preferences.

3.Quality of time

Spending time together is very important for every relationship, so marriages bear no exceptions to this. When spouses spent a long time apart or they buried in their phones and laptops when they are together, they start to grow apart. So, it becomes important to at least have one meal together, go on vacation and spent the time that does not include your tablets and phones.


every person who enters into marital bond has certain expectations regarding their future, regarding their married life, regarding their family life. Sometimes, people have created certain aspects of their lives and face problems when those feelings are not fulfilled.


Parents can have different parenting styles or maybe just a difference in opinion on the diet of the child or how to discipline them. When a couple gets a newborn addition to the family, the face immense responsibility and lack of sleep. Children can sometimes cause tension in the best of marriages.

6. Family

Marriage changes the family dynamics not only for the bride but for the groom too. The couple has to navigate a new relationship like in-laws and children while assuming brand new roles and navigating their married lives. Between all the new relationships, sometimes your spouse takes the back seat which causes a problem in the marital life.


Marriage is a relationship between equals that includes equitable distribution of household chores. Couples should discuss and divide all the work equally instead of arguing over who does more work. Sometimes it okay to do something just to help your spouse. When these responsibilities are not divided equally, the one spouse who is doing all the work will feel frustrated.


Some people will go above and beyond to please their spouse while ignoring their personal needs or some might only please their personal needs while ignoring their spouses. Patience level decreased with time and partners become unforgiving. With time the decreased patience and lack of forgiveness cause a lot of pent up anger. The anger outburst or decreased tolerance of one another or any other negative personality trait can cause problems on married life.


It is a very common problem in marriages that can turn them. An excessively jealous partner can directly affect the happiness of the other partner. It becomes to difficult to live with them as they question every step of their partner and makes it very difficult to have a trusting relationship. Jealousy can be the end of trust for both the partners and trust is the groundwork for a healthy relationship. An excessively jealous partner or the one you are unable to trust can end the relationship.

10.Values and belief

There is always a difference of opinion in every relationship but when it comes to marriage some differences at the core of the person are their different values. It can be anything from different nationalities to a different religion, different socio-economic status to a different upbringing. It is very important to deal with these differences either beforehand or in the early years of marriage to make sure this doesn’t sour their relationship.


When a couple faces a traumatic situation especially the loss of a child, it adds up more challenges in their life. With navigating their personal and professional life while managing their grief both as individuals and as a couple, they sometimes forget all the other things that once use to matter. Forgetting to give your partner space or giving them too much space to grief can actually make the relationship bitter.

12.Age difference

With the changing time the person changes. These changes can be something like just lack of energy as they age or it can be changed in belief due to some big life change but the change is inevitable. When there is a huge age gap between the partners, it becomes difficult to keep up with the changes as the younger might not have the same or even similar changes.


It might be an underrated problem but it can cause trouble in the marriage. It can be due to the wearisome of their routine or maybe because they are not able to have fun together. If the relationship lack spontaneity, boredom will eventually become a problem for their married life.


Marriage requires work throughout the course of a relationship. Both the partners should be willing to work till the end to keep the spark burning. The partners need to be committed to making their relationship work as a loving and healthy courtship. They need to be honest, have trust and to be committed to each other till the end, to make the relationship last.

15.Recognition and appreciation

With the due course of the marriage, it is possible that appreciation of your spouse just diminishes. When the partners start to take each other from granting or maybe they still recognize what the other person is doing but fail to show appreciation. It also happens when couples stop celebrating their life and their milestones. Small gestures on days like anniversaries, birthday valentine’s day can help keep the spark alive.


When problems arise, some couples only talk instead of communicating. They keep telling their feeling without any reciprocation from the other partner. Sometimes the partners are not able to understand or they might not listen to what is being said. All these small ignorant problems can sometimes lead to bigger issues.


Marriage is a relationship of giving and take based on the foundation of sacrifice from both the partners. If one of the spouses starts to put their personal needs in front of their other partner every time can put a strain on the relationship. In order to save your relationship from this, it is important to learn empathy.

18. Changing future ambitions

When two people get married, they should discuss and try to find a way to be on the same path regarding their married life and want the same things in the future. A common problem that arises between spouses is when one partner changes their mind or come up with new plans or goals on their own.

19.Interference of technology

In the world full of gadgets, they sometimes take the place of our loved ones. While connecting you to someone miles away can actually be the reason that you start to ignore the person sitting next to you. The constant communication with the world outside replaces the healthy dinner table communication between partners and family.


Stress within a relationship could be due to any of these reasons and so many more like health issues, job security, poor work-life balance, etc. these stressors slowly start to harm the relationships when people don’t talk about them with their partners or if they feel like that their partner is not listening to their problems. These minor tensions can grow up into something big that has the potential to end the relationship.


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