Light, Life and Mental Health

Light, Life and Mental Health

November 15 2021 TalktoAngel 0 comments 839 Views

Diwali is an auspicious Indian festival, it's also an emotion in itself. Say the word Diwali and you will see people around you cheering up and smiling. The festival of lights brings happiness and positivity around us. After two years, it looks like we’re falling back to a “pre COVID” world with a veritable festival. As soon as the festival of light arrives, we get all decked up with clean homes and offices but what about our minds? Let’s look at how to light up your life and your mind, this Diwali!

Just like the Diyas, illuminate your ‘Life’!

There is a spiritual significance to the festive lights. The lights of Diwali provide a time for ‘inner illumination’. It means that we should take time to reflect on our inner self. Check with our feelings, deeply understanding ourselves and eradicating all the negative thoughts and feelings which cast a dark shadow.

Embrace the emotions of the festival.

For everyone, the emotions associated with the festival may be different. A student living abroad will be missing home. A person away for work can’t wait to get back home. A group of friends may be excited for their reunion. Don’t let your work, studies or anything for stand in your enjoyment. Remind yourself that “it’s okay to take a break”. It’s important to give your body and mind the much required relaxation and take care of physical and mental health.  
Immerse yourself into the festivities

It's that time of the year when you can’t sulk into a corner. A time when sitting in front of your laptop isn’t justified. But why? Festivals are a great way to disconnect from the stressful usual. Spending time with your family, with good food, and good company, can be therapeutic in its own way. This can remind us of the things that actually matter in life. Exchanging gifts and happy moments with our loved ones fill us with gratitude. ‘Invest time with Family’ and bring in the positivity and light.

Yeh Diwali Hope Wali, Yes Diwali Khushiyon Wali

The last two years have been difficult. We have faced grief, we have faced unprecedented changes and we have lived in a bubble of fear. Let’s move on to greater things. This Diwali give the ‘Gift of Care’ with therapy. Give the gift of hope with therapy. Give the gift of life with therapy to yourself and your loved ones with TalktoAngel’s Gift Of Care. This Diwali pledge to conquer your inner world with positive thoughts and therapy just like Lord Rama’s conquest over evil. Gift your near and dear ones the care with online therapy at TalktoAngel. With this we wish you a happy Diwali! Tell us what Diwali means to you in the comments section below.


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