Looking for Best Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provider: Your Search stops at TalktoAngel

Looking for Best Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provider: Your Search stops at TalktoAngel

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Employee Assistance Programs provide employees with necessary guidance and resources for them to resolve their work-related issues and seek professional guidance for increasing productivity at work front. Most EAPs include professionals and agencies delivering such services be it online through physical interaction. In India the culture of EAP is slowly catching up pace with employers recognizing and valuing mental health and holistic wellbeing of their employees.

Let’s look at what EAP is?

Employee Assistance Programs or even referred as Corporate Wellness Programs are a sort of a benefit packages which can help you or your employees with topics concerning workplace issues. The nature of the problems (be it at personal or professional level) maybe such that it interferes with a person’s health and their productivity levels. These programs may include health insurance, mental healthcare facility and everything else that has to do with employee’s wellbeing. Most common problems that EAP can help with include work stress, relationship problems, family issues, substance abuse, depression etc.

Why is EAP important?

From an employee perspective, the company should partake some stake in ensuring the employees’ wellbeing. From an employer’s perspective, you may want to ensure the wellbeing of your employee because not doing so could adversely impact the employee’s productivity, work output, long term or short term business growth etc. A threat to your employees’ wellbeing is by and large a threat to your organization at large. With EAP at disposal both employer and employees can benefit at micro and macro levels.

Where can you find the best EAP provider in India?

Employee Assistance programs (EAP) can be either in house run by hiring professionals or employers can reach out to certain agencies and service providers. In India such agencies are scarce. One of the best Employee Assistance (EAP) providers in India is TalktoAngel. Our EAP, also known as Corporate Wellness Program emphasizes on bringing wellness to your employee’s office desk. The program is quite comprehensive in dealing with a range of issues such as maintaining work life balance, personal issues, work stress and many more. The entire program is built on four pillars:

  • Improved Work Quality

When you empower your employee to deal with their issues effectively, you also ensure that their work performance improves. One of the major areas of focus is to reduce workplace stress and let the person achieve a healthy work life balance.

  • Better Understanding between Employer and Employee

One of the key priorities for a good EAP program is to bridge the gap between the employer and employee. By fostering communication and harmony among both parties, a sense of belongingness with the organization can be established.

  • Enhanced Work Management

With EAP, employees can understand that employers do not wish them to work to the bone. With the right guidance, they can understand how to work smart. After all, the employers do care for their employees.

  • Positive Outlook towards working

Work is a big part of our life and if negativity creeps in there, it sure won’t seem appealing to us. TalktoAngel’s EAP program help individual restore balance in their life with the help of positivity.

TalktoAngel’s Corporate Wellness Program is a curated and customized program to suit every employer’s need irrespective of the staff strength. Their team of experienced and certified top Indian psychologists are empaneled to provide online workplace counselling, and other online counselling services for areas affecting work productivity, such as online relationship consultation, online counselling for workplace stress, online stress management etc. 


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