After the Wedlock: Managing Work, Marriage, Life with Marriage Counselling

After the Wedlock: Managing Work, Marriage, Life with Marriage Counselling

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All marriages have their own ups and down. It takes time, efforts for any relation to work and flourish, and while some work and some fail. Marriage requires emotional investment as well a certain amount of adjustment and patience. Identifying the need to manage marital issues is crucial. Spouses should also learn how to make their married life more happening and contentful. Let’s look at some tips couples can do for the happiness of their marriage.

How to effectively manage work, life and marriage?

Share: Feelings and Chores

In the daily hassles of life, it is common to feel overwhelmed. However, it can be troubling to face it all alone. Sharing thoughts and feelings with your loved one can significantly lower your distress. Moreover, sharing household chores not only reduces one partner's burden but is also linked to increased connectivity and understanding between a couple. In most cultures women predominantly end up doing all chores.

Communicate: Joys and Sorrows

Ask yourself whether you share both good news and bad news with your partner. If the answer is no, you need to work on it. While sharing joyous occasions increases happiness, sharing displeasing events with your partner can reduce negative feelings. When you communicate both the good and the bad, you are also increasing trust and understanding between each other.

Balance: Work Time and Family Time

The most challenging task between working couples is drawing a line for maintaining a work-life balance. The hustle culture has made us prioritise work by celebrating our sacrifice of leisure and family time. This contributes to stress, loneliness and burnout. On the other hand, taking out time for family can help you boost your mood, strengthen your relationship as well as reduce stress. Recent research advocates that couples with a clear distinction between work and family are likely to have successful and healthy relationships.

Plan: vacations and family goals

We all agree that planning is the key to success. However, planning can also help you in determining the success of your relationship. Earlier we talked about carving out family time. This involves more than having dinner with your family. Taking vacations and curating memories is crucial. These special bonds make for happier moments with your partner. Furthermore, planning family goals is equally important. A bummer in every relationship is having different future goals, be it having children, spiritual goals or financial goals. This is why relationship experts suggest married couples to plan ahead and effectively instead of stalling difficult conversations.

Take a break: from work and being a spouse

Lastly, we suggest taking a break from being an employee, a friend, a parent and yes, a spouse too. Feeling disconnected from yourself is as bad as feeling disconnected from your significant other. When you are at peace with yourself, you can be a better partner to your loved one. Taking some 'me' time can help you in rejuvenating yourself.

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