How to embrace Shaadi Ka Ladoo with Marriage Counselling Online

How to embrace Shaadi Ka Ladoo with Marriage Counselling Online

February 14 2022 TalktoAngel 0 comments 1212 Views

The popular movie Shaadi Ka Laddoo had it’s flaws but came up with a good conceptualization about love.

Zindagi akele kaatne mein no fun; koi na koi saathi hona chahiye”;

“joh tumhari samajh mein aaye aur jise tum samajh sako, woh saathi; aur us saathi ke saath jitne pal guzaar liye, that's life”.

We all get our saathi after shaadi, but sometimes it’s not all fun and happiness always. The popular saying goes “Shaadi ka ladoo, jo khaaye woh pachtaye, jo na khaaye vo bhi pachtaaye” However, those who do eat the ladoo do not have to suffer if they make the right choices. Marriages can have their issues and adjustments. We often blame the nature of being married instead of looking for solutions. Seeking marriage counselling online can help you enjoy your ‘Shaddi ka Ladoo’ and live a happy married life.

What is the problem?

Marriages can go down the drain without spouses even realizing what the issue is. Many a time unresolved conflicts, ignored personal needs, lack of intimacy can spur into a pattern of arguments. With marriage counsellors, you can identify the root cause of your problems and how to resolve them.


Many people avoid taking responsibility for their part when things go wrong. Often ignorance and blaming each other can worsen things. Owning responsibility for your faults can help build trust and  personal growth. Connecting with the best marriage counsellors can help in resolving this.

Perspective Shift

Since a marriage counsellor is a partial third person, they can help you look at things from a different and holistic perspective. It helps in understanding your partner’s feelings and thoughts. It also leads to increased transparency in the relationship.

Shared Growth

Marriage counselling can be essential in understanding individual and shared goals of a couple. marriage counsellors can facilitate you to prioritise these goals and work towards them collaboratively. Moreover, couples can feel like being in the same team, which boosts the strength of your bond.

A Safe Space

Marriage counselling online provides you with a safe space to express your thoughts and feelings. Emotional expression is essential for the health of the relationship. In marriages, communication can get tricky and feelings of not being heard or ignored are common. Thus, effective communication can pave the way of healing for married couples. 

Seeking marriage counselling in India is daunting. Marriage counselling online services have made help accessible, comfortable with reliable online counselling platfomrs like TalktoAngel. You can reach out for quality online marriage and relationship consultation in India and connect with the best relationship counselors at a click.

This month of love, enjoy a discount of 22% on online couple counselling and celebrate your Shaadi ka Ladoo!


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