Mental Health is a Human Right: Stand-Up for Human Rights

Mental Health is a Human Right: Stand-Up for Human Rights

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Every year on 10th December, the world celebrates Human Rights Day. It commemorates the inception of Human Rights Day in 1948 with the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Over the years, the focus of Human Rights have shifted from one global issue to another and every year, countries globally have strived to meet these goals. The day has significance not just for a section of the world population but globally, for everyone.

Concentrating on human rights every year marks a different theme for human rights awareness. This year 2020 being surrounded by the pandemic the focus lies on “Recover Better”.

Theme of the Year: Recover Better-Stand Up for Human Rights:

Keeping up with Covid-19 and the new way of life, this year, UN has focused on reaching common global goals, equal opportunities and ensuring human rights standards to tackle inequalities, exclusion and discrimination. UNHR’s call for standing up for Human Rights, seeks every individual to take a stand for their as well as others’ human rights. Human Rights should be seen as rights that are beyond nationality, race, gender, age and intergenerational inequalities.

Mental Health is a Human Right:

Mental Health is an important component of holistic wellbeing of an individual. Thus, it is imperative for us to look at it as a necessary human right. Regardless of age, gender, social class, economic background, race, sex, health whether physical or mental, should be considered and treated as an asset.

Understanding mental health from the lens of Human Rights, some important aspects need to be worked at. These include providing quality mental health services to all spheres of the population, making these services affordable and accessible for everyone and educating people and spreading awareness about mental health.

Relationship between Mental Health and Human Rights:

The right to life is one of the basic human rights that everyone in the entire world is entitled to. Every year, many people suffer from mental health issues which threaten this right; many people lose their lives due to mental health issues. Human body and mind are integrated; one cannot function effectively without the other. Taking basic care of both these aspects of life should be considered essential. Thus, it isn’t viable and is nearly impossible to separate Mental Health from Human Rights.

While emphasizing on the relationship between mental health and human rights, protection of the rights of the mentally distressed should be a priority. A person, who is living with mental health conditions, should have access to required care and assistance.

On this Human Rights Day, ensure your overall wellbeing’:

Due to the pandemic, many of us have faced different health complexities. People have reported increased stress and anxiety among other mental health issues. This Human rights day, make sure you invest on your health and work on recovering from everything that is holding you back.

Given the current scenario, it isn’t easy to get in contact with a mental health professional, but let’s bust this myth. Let’s not forget the benefits of online counseling and mental health interventions. You can get in touch with psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health counselors, clinical psychologists through TalktoAngel.

On this Human Rights Day, do not forget that every day is Human Rights Day and Mental Health is a human right. Remember, holistic wellbeing should be one’s top priority. Happy Human Rights Day!


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