Music Therapy

Music Therapy

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It is part of expressive art therapy whose primary aim is on the use of music for the psychological well-being. Music therapy involves variety of activities that consist of listening to music, singing, playing an instrument and even composing songs. It is most often used while dealing with children and geriatrics patients. Music therapy has led to improved prognosis of post-traumatic stress disorder especially in the case of war veterans. Music helps in stimulating area of brain that control emotions (amygdala) and it also effects in cognition and sensation. The appealing nature of music and the diversity of music forms, makes it very effective for the treatment of a wide variety of physical and mental problems, like depressionanxiety, and hypertension.  The use of music in therapeutic treatment was first seen during the world war when travelling bands visited hospitals and played music for hospitalized soldiers. The for specialized training and the concept of music as tool for therapeutic system was realized by the doctors and other health professionals.


Since, music induces positive emotions and increase the production of dopamine, music therapy can be used to treat wide variety of symptoms that includes:

Music therapy can both assess and increase cognitive skills, social skills, emotional well-being and motor functioning and it has also shown positive results among individuals who have intellectual or physical difficulties, brain injuries or Alzheimer's disorder. This type of therapy can also be used in the treatment of physical illnesses such as cancer and hypertension.


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