Online Child Counselling: How to reach out to a child psychologist

Online Child Counselling: How to reach out to a child psychologist

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For ages, parents have been ignorant towards mental health needs. This can partially be attributed to the lack of access and availability of mental health services for children. However, in today’s day and age, these services are not just available, you can also reach out to child psychologists online. A child psychologist largely works with children and adolescents. Online child counselling can be used to seek professional help for a wide range of challenges. These challenges include ADHD, Eating Disorders, Phobia, Self esteem, Bullying, Anxiety and similar ones. Additionally, parents can also seek professional help for healthy parenting.

Why should your child seek child counselling?

Unlike our preconceived notions, children do face mental health challenges. Like adults, they have emotional problems, stress, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, certain psychological conditions are specific to children and adolescents like ADHD, ADD, Bullying. Most developmental disorders also start from an early age.

Child Counselling with an expert and child psychologist can help you in various ways. Through counselling and therapy, they are empowered with a safe space to share their problems. Emotional disturbance, psychological pain in childhood and teenage and make individuals vulnerable to more severe issues. They learn how to cope with their issues and how to grow out of them.

How to know if your child needs child counselling?

You can understand your child’s mental health needs by observing their behavior and the feelings that they express. If you can check items from the following list, its best you consult with a child psychologist.

  • You see a pattern of persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness in your child.
  • You see that they are withdrawing from school and other social activities.
  • You observe hyperactivity and inability to concentrate.
  • Your child is talking about self harm.
  • There’s a disruption in the child’s eating and sleeping habits.

Why should you prefer online child counselling?

Online child counselling is as effective as in-person therapy. Also, there are numerous added benefits. Specifically for children, through online counselling they can be at the comfort of their homes. Online counselling beats geographical and time restrictions as it can be accessed from one touch of your finger.


Children  can have customised, personalised options while reaching out to child psychologists.  With online services parents and children can be  more consistent as it remains unaffected by weather change, traffic, overtime at office etc. Furthermore, parents can also keep a tab on how the sessions are going and take out time for their children as the services can be accessed at the home itself.

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